Who played the role of Chita | Which actor played Chita

The character of Chita is played by Anisha (I) in Welcome to the Club Film released in 1971.

Diana (I) King in Top Secret TV Series released in 1961.

Dorothy (I) King in Lummox Film released in 1930.

Toshia Mori in Fury of the Jungle Film released in 1933.

Louisa Moritz in Comix from the Underground TV Series released in 2012.

Ana Obreg�n in Blasco Ib��ez TV Series released in 1997.

Adele Palacios in Kraft Suspense Theatre TV Series released in 1963.

Cynthia Patag in Inday-Inday sa balitaw Film released in 1986.

Eugenia Tudorascu in Kak stat znamenitym Film released in 1984.

Florence Bates in The Judge Steps Out Film released in 1947.

Jackie Lou Blanco in Bahay mo ba 'to TV Series released in 2004.

Diana Yvonne in Cruzando Film released in 2009.

Jhean Burton in Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV Series released in 1955.

Delilah Cotto in Lean on Me Film released in 1989.

Yasmin Deliz in Next Day Air Film released in 2009.

Steffi Duna in Girl from Havana Film released in 1940.

Francesca Friedman in On l'appelle Catastrophe Film released in 1983.

Mildred (I) Harris in Flaming Love Film released in 1925.

Guy Krasner in The Little Traitor Film released in 2007.

Pradyumna Lenka in Ganga Jamuna Film released in 1997.

Jairam Samal in Grihalakshmi Film released in 1985.

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Who played Chita Which actors played the role of Chita.

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