Who played the role of Claire\'s Father | Which actor played Claire\'s Father

The character of Claire\'s Father is played by Tim (I) Gamble in The Breakfast Club Film released in 1985.

John (I) Getz in Some Girl Film released in 1998.

Werner (I) Hinz in Rheinsberg Film released in 1967.

Marcel Jeannin in Afterwards Film released in 2008.

James McMann in Expired Film released in 2007.

Thomas Baptiste in The Music Machine Film released in 1979.

Chip Redden in The Schartz-Metterklume Method Film released in 2010.

Kenneth Rosb�ck in Sprickorna i muren Film released in 2003.

Leslie Schofield in Holding On TV Series released in 1997.

Ken Snodgrass in The Custodian Film released in 1993.

Scott Vancea in 48 Hours in Purgatory Film released in 2009.

Paul (II) Verhoeven in Gottes zweite Garnitur TV Film released in 1967.

Paul (IV) Wilkes in Lacuna Film released in 2007.

Harris Yulin in Damages TV Series released in 2007.

Enrique (I) Castillo in Deja Vu Film released in 2006.

Ronny (I) Cox in Boston Public TV Series released in 2000.

Mark (II) Cribb in Drew Film released in 2014.

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Who played Claire\'s Father Which actors played the role of Claire\'s Father.

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