Who played the role of Contact | Which actor played Contact

The character of Contact is played by Angela (III) Holmes in Kill Mode Film released in 2015.

Shai Alexander in The Run Film released in 2013.

�mile Genevois in Au grand balcon Film released in 1949.

Aleksey (I) Gorbunov in Shpion Film released in 2012.

Rog�rio Jacques in Fuga TV Film released in 1999.

Jerry Jardin in The Sword in the Web TV Series released in 1962.

Ismail kanater in Alias TV Series released in 2001.

Jacob Marcy in Renegade Film released in 2014.

Cash Markman in Missionary Position: Impossible Video released in 1999.

Danny Mastrogiorgio in Beware the Gonzo Film released in 2010.

Marcus McKenzie in Isis Film released in 2011.

Dennis Ballard in Water Rats TV Series released in 1996.

Mike Nyman in Hell's Paradox Film released in 1996.

Neville (I) Page in Everything in its Place Film released in 2013.

Jo Prestia in Babylone Film released in 2008.

Julian Richings in The Limb Salesman Film released in 2004.

Jason Riddle in Interception Film released in 2010.

J.D. (I) Ryan in Unnatural 20: The Search for Steve Film released in 2010.

Joseph Silverstone in Tunnel Arena Film released in 2010.

Gopal K. Singh in Lethal Commission Film released in 2012.

Adam Slight in Maphiya Film released in 2010.

Sergio Soldano in La via della droga Film released in 1977.

Tim Stankevitz in Xenosphere Film released in 2002.

Frank Sully in Criminals of the Air Film released in 1937.

Larry (I) Watson in Mission: Impossible TV Series released in 1966.

Andrew Youngman in Private Gold 31: Fatal Orchid 2 Video released in 1998.

Nick Benedict in Knots Landing TV Series released in 1979.

Earl Boen in Knots Landing TV Series released in 1979.

Paul Butkevich in Semnadtsat mgnoveniy vesny TV Series released in 1973.

K�ichi (II) Chiba in Golgo 13 Film released in 1983.

Peter Coakes in The Package II: Redherring Film released in 2010.

Seth Coltan in Days of Our Lives TV Series released in 1965.

Terry (IV) Curtis in Departure Film released in 2004.

Steve Danziger in Lucia's Dream Film released in 1997.

Karl (I) Fischer in Move On Film released in 2012.

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Who played Contact Which actors played the role of Contact.

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