Who played the role of Creighton | Which actor played Creighton

The character of Creighton is played by Jeff Ailshie in Diminutive Film released in 2014.

Don Allison in True Blue Film released in 2001.

Tony (I) Giorgio in The Bionic Woman TV Series released in 1976.

Carl (III) Jensen in Speak No Evil Film released in 2013.

Jon Matisse in Don't Just Lay There Film released in 1970.

Kevin (II) Rice in It's a Haunted Happenin'! Video released in 2002.

Richard Roat in Dynasty TV Series released in 1981.

Marz Timms in Scrapers Film released in 2015.

Charles (I) Trowbridge in Don't Gamble with Strangers Film released in 1946.

Jon Voight in Four Christmases Film released in 2008.

Merlin Bonning in Amigo Film released in 2010.

Ian Colin in Strongroom Film released in 1962.

Ben (I) Cross in Human Factor Film released in 2012.

Dick (I) Curtis in North of Shanghai Film released in 1939.

Tedd Dillon in The Hunger TV Series released in 1997.

Robert Emhardt in The Name of the Game TV Series released in 1968.

Stephen (I) Fry in The Good Father Film released in 1985.

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Who played Creighton Which actors played the role of Creighton.

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