Who played the role of Danton | Which actor played Danton

The character of Danton is played by Masako Nozawa in Ra s�nu no hoshi TV Series released in 1975.

Sylvie Granotier in Chambre noire TV Film released in 2013.

John (I) Alderson in Space Patrol TV Series released in 1950.

Niels Arestrup in Les apprentis sorciers Film released in 1977.

Niels Arestrup in Manon Roland TV Film released in 1989.

Gr�gory Gadebois in Une femme dans la R�volution TV Series released in 2013.

Ryan Gawel in Adults Only Film released in 2013.

Leo Genn in The Young Mr. Pitt Film released in 1942.

Lowell Gilmore in Hong Kong Film released in 1952.

Jonathan (I) Goldsmith in CHiPs TV Series released in 1977.

Roland Goulsbra in 49�59' North, 8�14' East Film released in 2002.

Harry Griffith in Charlotte Corday Film released in 1914.

Jacques Gr�tillat in Danton Film released in 1932.

Tony Gschwend in Magical Circumstances Film released in 2011.

Ron (I) Hartmann in The Reincarnate Film released in 1971.

P�ter Haumann in A Danton-�gy TV Film released in 1978.

David Hedison in The Power Within TV Film released in 1979.

Hannes Hellmann in Augenblick Polen TV Film released in 1988.

Anthony (I) Hopkins in Biography TV Series released in 1970.

Mauritz Hugo in The Mask of Diijon Film released in 1946.

Emil Jannings in Danton Film released in 1921.

Terry Jansen in PScience TV Series released in 2012.

Fritz Kortner in Danton Film released in 1931.

Alexandre Koubitzky in Bonaparte et la r�volution Film released in 1972.

Alexandre Koubitzky in Napol�on vu par Abel Gance Film released in 1927.

Alexandre Koubitzky in Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood TV Series released in 1995.

Andr�s Koz�k in Rejtekhely TV Film released in 1978.

Pierre Laplace in Les diamants de la victoire TV Film released in 2010.

Kurt Lilien in Baby Film released in 1932.

Harold (I) Lockwood in The Man from Mexico Film released in 1914.

Jean-Pierre L�aud in Os Herdeiros Film released in 1970.

Gilbert Moryn in Si Paris nous �tait cont� Film released in 1956.

Gastone Moschin in La morte di Danton TV Film released in 1972.

Dudu Azevedo in Confiss�es de Adolescente TV Series released in 1994.

Annibale Ninchi in Fiordalisi d'oro Film released in 1936.

Ted (I) Prior in Breath of Hate Film released in 2011.

Ted (I) Prior in Deadliest Prey Film released in 2013.

Hans-Michael Rehberg in Dantons Tod Film released in 1977.

Wolfgang Reichmann in Dantons Tod TV Film released in 1963.

John Rhys-Davies in Once Upon a Time TV Series released in 1973.

Philippe (I) Richard in Sous la terreur Film released in 1936.

Norman Rodway in BBC Play of the Month TV Series released in 1965.

William Sabatier in Les amours sous la r�volution: La passion de Camille et Lucile Desmoulins TV Film released in 1978.

William Sabatier in Valmy TV Film released in 1967.

Herv� Sand in Saint-Just ou La force des choses TV Film released in 1975.

Chuck Shamata in In Like Flynn TV Film released in 1985.

George Siegmann in Scaramouche Film released in 1923.

Friedo Solter in Dantons Tod Film released in 1977.

Claude Stroud in The Jimmy Stewart Show TV Series released in 1971.

Alois Svehl�k in Falesn� obvinen� TV Film released in 2004.

Kan Tokumaru in Ky�ketsuki hant� D Video released in 1985.

Simon Trouilloud in Terminus Film released in 2008.

Manuel 'Loco' Vald�s in Viaje a la luna Film released in 1958.

Patrick Wymark in World Theatre TV Series released in 1959.

Roberto Bestazzoni in Julie Lescaut TV Series released in 1992.

Pietro Bignami in Don Zeno - L' uomo di Nomadelfia TV Film released in 2008.

Monte Blue in Orphans of the Storm Film released in 1921.

Jim (I) Boeke in The A-Team TV Series released in 1983.

Pierre Bokma in Dantons dood TV Film released in 1986.

Yves Brainville in Marie-Antoinette reine de France Film released in 1956.

Richard (I) Cramer in Captain of the Guard Film released in 1930.

Tomi Cristin in The French Revolution TV Film released in 2005.

Wade Crosby in Marie Antoinette Film released in 1938.

Wade Crosby in Reign of Terror Film released in 1949.

William B. Davidson in Shady Lady Film released in 1945.

Nigel De Brulier in Tonight We Raid Calais Film released in 1943.

Olivier de Kersauzon in Libert�, �galit�, choucroute Film released in 1985.

Franck de la Personne in Ce jour l�, tout a chang� TV Series released in 2009.

G�rard Depardieu in Danton Film released in 1983.

Drew Droege in Not Looking TV Series released in 2014.

Samson Fainsilber in Napol�on Bonaparte Film released in 1935.

Bernard Farcy in La comtesse de Charny TV Series released in 1989.

Jacques Ferri�re in La cam�ra explore le temps TV Series released in 1957.

Ken Foree in Knight Rider TV Series released in 1982.

Bernard Fresson in Beaumarchais ou 60000 fusils TV Film released in 1966.

Alan Fudge in Airport 1975 Film released in 1974.

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Who played Danton Which actors played the role of Danton.

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