Who played the role of David\'s Wife | Which actor played David\'s Wife

The character of David\'s Wife is played by Maura M. Knowles in Chicken Soup for the Soul TV Series released in 1999.

Anka Lavriv in Beneath the Rock Film released in 2010.

Maria (II) Marlow in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Altara (I) Michelle in Beauty in the Broken Film released in 2015.

Kara Nilson in Blood Pigs Video released in 2010.

Diana Pang in Dong fang kuai che Film released in 1996.

Mallory Peyton in Moments Like These Film released in 2011.

Becky Savage in The Challenge of Desire Film released in 1982.

Rebecca (VII) Scott in Making It Film released in 2015.

Alisa Sherrod in The Diary of Sasha Roland Film released in 2009.

Qi Shu in Sap ji sang ciu Film released in 2012.

Hanna Skarzanka in Papierowe malzenstwo Film released in 1992.

Fern Barry in Letter to Loretta TV Series released in 1953.

Carina (II) Benavides in Orchestra for a Gentleman Film released in 2012.

Jamie Lynn Blair in Musical Theater of Hope TV Film released in 2009.

Marie (I) Blin in Vaqueros Film released in 2013.

Marlene Willoughby in Come Softly Film released in 1976.

Nancy (I) Wilson in The Wild Life Film released in 1984.

Crystal Lee Brown in A Quiet Fire Film released in 2009.

Claire Cage in Torchwood TV Series released in 2006.

Nina Cassavant in The Town That Forgot God Film released in 1922.

Katherine Celio in Strapped Film released in 2010.

Britt Corvin in Laura's Desires Film released in 1979.

Jutta David in Forced Entry Film released in 1973.

Frances Doble in Dark Red Roses Film released in 1929.

LaNecia Edmonds in After Film released in 2012.

Jennifer Eiffert in Dystopia: 2013 Film released in 2012.

Alice (I) Elliott in Four Friends Film released in 1981.

Jane Gail in When Love Leads Film released in 1912.

Lani (I) Garfield in Visiting Film released in 2009.

Jeanine Giovanni in My Own Worst Enemy TV Series released in 2008.

Adrienne Gossman in Inferno Film released in 2011.

Jo Hipperson in Z-Listers Film released in 2014.

Rosanna Hoult in The Lobster Film released in 2015.

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Who played David\'s Wife Which actors played the role of David\'s Wife.

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