Who played the role of Deputy Cooper | Which actor played Deputy Cooper

The character of Deputy Cooper is played by Barry Ace in Thou Shall Kill: The Harvest Film released in 2013.

Ethan Henry in Collapse Film released in 2011.

Aaron Kleiber in Return to Scream Park Film released in 2016.

Norman Leavitt in The Brass Legend Film released in 1956.

Billy (II) Merritt in Reno 911! TV Series released in 2003.

Giles Panton in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Carey Scott in Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire Film released in 2013.

Carey Scott in Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End Film released in 2013.

Raymond T. (I) Williams in The Long Home Film released in 2017.

Marcus Lyle Brown in Swamp Shark TV Film released in 2011.

Keith Flippen in The Famous Jett Jackson TV Series released in 1998.

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Who played Deputy Cooper Which actors played the role of Deputy Cooper.

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