Who played the role of Deputy Frank | Which actor played Deputy Frank

The character of Deputy Frank is played by Eddie Gribbon in Canyon City Film released in 1943.

John (I) Hart in Shotgun Slade TV Series released in 1959.

Frank Krueger in The Mourning Film released in 2015.

Oryan Landa in Squatch! Curse of the Tree Guardian Film released in 2012.

Paul Linke in Moving Violation Film released in 1976.

Bill Marchant in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Chris (I) Nash in A Smoky Mountain Christmas TV Film released in 1986.

Nick (X) Barnes in The Tentacle's Claw Film released in 2012.

Alex Orr in Monster Beach Party Film released in 2009.

Alex Orr in Stomp! Shout! Scream! Film released in 2005.

John Henry Scott in The Work and the Glory II: American Zion Film released in 2005.

Francis Walker in Danger Trails Film released in 1935.

Francis Walker in Ghost Town Film released in 1936.

Henry (I) Wills in The Cisco Kid TV Series released in 1950.

Wes Bishop in Dixie Dynamite Film released in 1976.

Jason (I) Daly in Beware Film released in 2010.

C.M. Downs in The Ancient Film released in 2005.

Bob (I) Duncan in Springtime in Texas Film released in 1945.

Frank (I) Ellis in Breed of the West Film released in 1930.

Frank (I) Ellis in Gun Justice Film released in 1933.

Mitch English in Day of Defense Film released in 2003.

Franklyn Farnum in Stagecoach Film released in 1939.

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Who played Deputy Frank Which actors played the role of Deputy Frank.

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