Who played the role of Dopey | Which actor played Dopey

The character of Dopey is played by Kristina Woodthorpe in Happily Ever After? Film released in 2015.

Lauretta Gavin in Skins TV Series released in 2007.

Jacob Jourdan in Leaving the Small Town Film released in 2014.

Jeffrey (II) Kaiser in Once Upon a Time TV Series released in 2011.

John Kepley in Vanilla Sky Film released in 2001.

Michael E. King in Snow White Live TV Film released in 1980.

James (XIX) McDonald in Reassurance Film released in 2012.

Kevin McInerney in Snow White and the Gamble Film released in 2013.

Jack (I) Moon in The Night Shift Film released in 2011.

Jude Moran in Persons Unknown Film released in 1996.

Louis Natheaux in Gambling Lady Film released in 1934.

Jay (I) Ashenfelter in Real Housewives of the Magic Kingdom TV Series released in 2010.

Robert Banas in Dateline: Disneyland TV Film released in 1955.

Garry (I) Owen in San Quentin Film released in 1937.

Paul Panzer in The Girl from Chicago Film released in 1927.

Steve Rosario in Every Child Is Born a Poet Film released in 2002.

Steve Rosario in Independent Lens TV Series released in 1999.

Trevor Rounseville in WS Film released in 2013.

Grey Shadow in It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog Film released in 1945.

Michael (I) Stoyanov in The Dark Knight Film released in 2008.

Eddie Sturgis in Destiny's Toy Film released in 1916.

Ankit Varshneya in Endever-After Film released in 2013.

Dick Wessel in So You Won't Talk Film released in 1940.

Bruce (I) Whitehill in Dan and Edna TV Series released in 1970.

Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams in The Singing Marine Film released in 1937.

Si Wills in Racing Blood Film released in 1936.

Omar (II) Camacho in Until the Day I Die: Part 1 Film released in 2015.

Carlos Cea in El presidio Film released in 1930.

George (I) Chandler in Secrets of a Nurse Film released in 1938.

Hal E. Chester in Little Tough Guy Film released in 1938.

Isaac Chokwe in S.O.S TV Series released in 2001.

Heinie Conklin in Dumb Dicks Film released in 1932.

Armand Cortes in Her Better Self Film released in 1917.

Alfredo De Leon Jr. in The Attack of the 30 Foot Chola Film released in 2014.

Johannes Ebke in Decay Film released in 2012.

John (I) Ford in The Mysterious Rose Film released in 1914.

Eddie Foyer in The Big House Film released in 1930.

Adam (I) Fried in Student Affairs Film released in 1987.

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Who played Dopey Which actors played the role of Dopey.

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