Who played the role of Dr. Brooks | Which actor played Dr. Brooks

The character of Dr. Brooks is played by Sope Aluko in Reckless TV Series released in 2014.

Arden Myrin in Orange Is the New Black TV Series released in 2013.

Christina Ruckle in Evil Beckons Film released in 2011.

Stephanie (II) Griffin in The Karen Carpenter Story TV Film released in 1989.

Jodi Harris in Legends TV Series released in 2014.

Jeff Galfer in Law & Order TV Series released in 1990.

Conroy Gedeon in Still the Beaver TV Series released in 1983.

Brian Grandison in Chicago Hope TV Series released in 1994.

Chris (I) Hendrie in Heroes Film released in 2006.

Peter Hernfield in Sons and Daughters TV Series released in 1982.

Michael Ironside in Wolverine and the X-Men TV Series released in 2008.

Christopher Judge in Snow Dogs Film released in 2002.

Neil Napier in Blue Mountain State TV Series released in 2010.

Tom Nowicki in ER TV Series released in 1994.

James (I) O'Rear in Medic TV Series released in 1954.

Brook Edward Penca in She Said He Said Film released in 2013.

Craig Rees in Sutures Film released in 2009.

Curtis Saulnier in Bionique: Prologue Film released in 2013.

Lewis Sims in Prep School Film released in 2015.

Clayton Dean Smith in Medicine Man Film released in 2009.

Malcolm (I) Stewart in InSecurity TV Series released in 2011.

Marcus Stiglegger in Erasure Film released in 2013.

Barry (I) Sullivan in Lady in the Dark Film released in 1944.

Charles (I) Trowbridge in The Invisible Menace Film released in 1938.

E. Alyn Warren in Tarzan the Fearless Film released in 1933.

Bryant Washburn in The Parasite Film released in 1925.

Robert (I) Webber in Chicago Story TV Series released in 1982.

Jay Wolpert in Father of the Bride Part II Film released in 1995.

Geoffrey Blake in Ricochet TV Film released in 2011.

Paul (I) Bright in Paranormal Asylum: The Revenge of Typhoid Mary Film released in 2013.

D.W. Brown in The Haunting in Connecticut Film released in 2009.

Clint Carmichael in Watch Over Me TV Series released in 2006.

Stephen De Fluiter in Hannah and Her Sisters Film released in 1986.

Bobby DeAngelo in All My Children TV Series released in 1970.

Donald (I) Douglas in Tomorrow's Children Film released in 1934.

James (I) Durham in The Adventures of Shirley Holmes TV Series released in 1996.

Lee Falkena in A Life of Open Doors Film released in 2009.

Duncan (II) Fraser in Betrayed TV Film released in 2003.

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Who played Dr. Brooks Which actors played the role of Dr. Brooks.

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