Who played the role of Dr. Daniels | Which actor played Dr. Daniels

The character of Dr. Daniels is played by Ann Shoemaker in Shockproof Film released in 1949.

Cheryl (I) Webb in Dark Age of Light: Episode 01 Film released in 2002.

Kelley Wyskiel in Immortal Infection Film released in 2011.

Angela Chadfield in Taggart TV Series released in 1983.

Robert Aldous in Z Cars TV Series released in 1962.

Craig Anton in Jason's Big Problem Film released in 2009.

Ron (I) Harper in Touched Film released in 2005.

John (I) Howard in Mannix TV Series released in 1967.

Lloyd (I) Ingraham in Dog-Gone Film released in 1939.

Richard Minchenberg in Tower of Terror TV Film released in 1997.

Michael H. Moss in In the House TV Series released in 1995.

Steve (XIX) Murray in Mr. Righteous Film released in 2014.

F.J. O'Neil in Last Rites TV Film released in 1999.

Thomas Peacocke in Consenting Adult TV Film released in 1985.

Eric (I) Peterson in The Many Trials of One Jane Doe TV Film released in 2002.

Douglas (I) Roberts in Viper TV Series released in 1994.

Philip (I) Schultz in Babies TV Film released in 1990.

Jaason Simmons in Bloody Mary Film released in 2006.

Horst Tappert in Tatort TV Film released in 1965.

Harlan Warde in 87th Precinct TV Series released in 1961.

Jim (I) Fragnito in Audiology Film released in 2013.

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Who played Dr. Daniels Which actors played the role of Dr. Daniels.

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