Who played the role of Dying Soldier | Which actor played Dying Soldier

The character of Dying Soldier is played by Toyin Ajimati in Return to You Film released in 2010.

John Arledge in Gone with the Wind Film released in 1939.

Joel Gavin Glazer in TSC: Architects of Fear Film released in 2010.

Chad Hanebrink in Actuality Film released in 2009.

Ryan (I) Honey in Westender Film released in 2003.

Adam Hooks in Shot to Pieces Video released in 2002.

Mark Huberman in My Boy Jack TV Film released in 2007.

Ian Kerch in The Refuge Film released in 2005.

Kyle Krukar in Tapestry Film released in 2016.

Bob Lowell in Cry 'Havoc' Film released in 1943.

Tom Luke in Age of Heroes Film released in 2011.

Pierre Marais in Andrew Marr's History of the World TV Series released in 2012.

Martin Markaj in The Wars of Other Men Film released in 2013.

Jared Martzell in Soldier Film released in 2006.

Patrick McAleenan in Trapper John, M.D. TV Series released in 1979.

Chad (I) Mills in Legend of the Seeker TV Series released in 2008.

Tadhg Murphy in Alexander Film released in 2004.

Neil Napier in The Great War TV Film released in 2007.

Slawomir Bacal in Dendrologium Film released in 2013.

Andrew (I) Parks in M*A*S*H TV Series released in 1972.

Bill (I) Patton in Treachery Rides the Range Film released in 1936.

Scott (XX) Perry in The Rover Film released in 2014.

Konrad Petzold in Der Scout Film released in 1983.

Tito Renaldo in The Snows of Kilimanjaro Film released in 1952.

Vladimir (I) Sokoloff in Conquest Film released in 1937.

Clinton Sundberg in The Thief and the Cobbler Film released in 1993.

Hugh Walters in Miss Nightingale TV Film released in 1974.

Robert Wilber in The Firefly Film released in 1937.

Frank (I) Williams in The Shield of Faith Film released in 1956.

Jim Wynorski in Deathstalker II Video released in 1987.

Jonathan Benjamin in Last Letter Home Film released in 2010.

Blake Bowen in Dust Up Film released in 2012.

Tim (III) Dann in Florence Nightingale TV Film released in 2008.

Bryan Forbes in The Black Tent Film released in 1956.

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Who played Dying Soldier Which actors played the role of Dying Soldier.

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