Who played the role of Einstein | Which actor played Einstein

The character of Einstein is played by Natalia Quintana-Reyna in Kid-A-Ma-Jigs TV Series released in 2015.

Natalia Quintana-Reyna in Kid-A-Ma-Jigs TV Series released in 2015.

Chub Bailly in Irrefutable Proof Film released in 2016.

Nadine Ellis in Exes & Ohs TV Series released in 2006.

Andrea (I) Gall in The Ten Rules Film released in 2002.

Ian Alda in The Guiding Light TV Series released in 1952.

Gregg Almquist in The 4th Dimension Film released in 2006.

Armando Anselmo in Arsenico e vecchi merletti TV Film released in 1955.

Eric (II) Arnold in The Honor System Film released in 2003.

Stephen Geoffreys in The Road Raiders TV Film released in 1989.

Jeremy Gillespie in Lazer Ghosts 2: Return to Laser Cove Film released in 2008.

Maurits Goossens in De fysici TV Film released in 1970.

Kenneth (I) Gordon in Music of the Spheres Film released in 1984.

John Christian Graas in Daisy-Head Mayzie TV Film released in 1995.

David (II) Graham in Horizon TV Series released in 1964.

Carson (I) Grant in He Outta Be Committed Film released in 2000.

Ahmed Halawa in El Harb El Alameya El Talta Film released in 2014.

Jackie Earle Haley in Nemesis Film released in 1992.

Dominique Horwitz in Rennschwein Rudi R�ssel 2 - Rudi rennt wieder! Film released in 2007.

Sean (I) Hughes in Rocket Man II Film released in 1995.

Joey (I) Hunter in S.O.L.stice Film released in 2014.

Claus Jahncke in PS - Geschichten ums Auto TV Series released in 1975.

Addison Janney in Paradise Boys Film released in 2011.

Gottfried John in Fassbinders Welt am Draht - Blick voraus ins Heute Video released in 2010.

Gottfried John in Welt am Draht TV Film released in 1973.

Tim Kazurinsky in Tapioca Film released in 2009.

Michael Kemmerling in Welcome to WillieWorld Film released in 2001.

Volkmar Kleinert in Zeit der St�rche Film released in 1971.

Charles Kullmann in Omnibus TV Series released in 1952.

Maurice LaMarche in Back at the Barnyard TV Series released in 2007.

Michael David Lee in Die Laughing Film released in 1980.

Danny (I) Mann in Back to the Future TV Series released in 1991.

Richard (IX) Mann in I Frame No Hypothesis Film released in 2009.

Aidan McArdle in E=mc� TV Film released in 2005.

Karl Merkatz in Zapping-Alien@Mozart-Balls Film released in 2009.

Ed Metzger in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! TV Series released in 1989.

Terry Milam in The Halo Theory Film released in 0.

Aleksander Milosavljevic in Overkill Film released in 2004.

Makisig Morales in Luv U TV Series released in 2012.

Richard Mulligan in Oliver & Company Film released in 1988.

G�bor (I) M�t� in H�lyes�g nem akad�ly Film released in 1986.

Otto M�chtlinger in Lenz oder die Freiheit TV Series released in 1986.

Tony Naumovski in Honey Night Film released in 2015.

Rene Auberjonois in Doogie Howser, M.D. TV Series released in 1989.

Hyubs Azarcon in Pera o bayong Film released in 0.

John (I) Bach in Farscape TV Series released in 1999.

John (I) Bach in Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars TV Series released in 2004.

Bandito in Blood of Soldiers Film released in 2014.

Graham (I) Norris in Kill Speed Film released in 2010.

Colin (II) Osborne in Run with Me Film released in 2008.

Alex Pajil in Wolves at Night Film released in 2014.

Phil (VI) Palmer in CollegeHumor Originals TV Series released in 2006.

Ricky Pascua in Kurap Film released in 2008.

Dmitriy Pevtsov in Eynshteyn. Teoriya lyubvi TV Series released in 2013.

Steven Polinsky in The People Next Door TV Series released in 1989.

Alf Powers in Arizona Heat Film released in 1988.

Skyler Queen in Rock, Paper, Scissors Film released in 0.

Tom Reinhold in Das Geheimnis von Golombi Film released in 2014.

Julian Richings in Pale Saints Film released in 1997.

Ben (I) Robertson in I Saw Mommy Killing Santa Claus Film released in 1994.

Paul Rugg in Animaniacs TV Series released in 1993.

Napoleon (I) Ryan in Einstein: A Prelude Film released in 2014.

Fernando (I) Sancho in El magn�fico Tony Carrera Film released in 1968.

Jesse Schoem in The Patent Clerk Film released in 2009.

Erwin Simsensohn in Garcea si oltenii Film released in 2001.

Craig Stiff in Grimsby: RV Film released in 2014.

Blake Stokes in E*L*M - Entry Level Male Film released in 1996.

Stuart (I) Stone in Mutant X TV Series released in 2001.

Nathan Tylutki in Ex Post Somnio Film released in 2012.

Johnny Unwa in Ahingsa-Jikko mee gam Film released in 2005.

Loris von der Diensth�tte in Der Leihopa TV Series released in 1985.

Joseph (I) Walsh in Combat! TV Series released in 1962.

Jim (I) Ward in The Mummy: The Animated Series TV Series released in 2001.

Jonas Wertz in Oscar et la dame rose Film released in 2009.

Kevin Zegers in Free Willy TV Series released in 1994.

Tom Berenger in Firedog Film released in 2010.

Rob Berger in The Jezebels Film released in 1975.

David (XI) Bloom in Modern Family TV Series released in 2009.

Einstein Brown in And God Created Woman Film released in 1988.

David (I) Busch in Pearson Education: School of Thought Video released in 2013.

Don Calfa in Shanks Film released in 1974.

Bruno Cariati in Luz do Sol TV Series released in 2007.

Glenndon Chatman in Boys Will Be Boys TV Film released in 1999.

Richard (XL) Clark in Young Survivors TV Film released in 1990.

Aidan Cook in Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 Film released in 2013.

Allan Corduner in Soup Film released in 1996.

Javier De Campos in Chispita y sus gorilas Film released in 1982.

Steve Debrueys in Pest Control Film released in 2015.

Ron Dortch in Amen TV Series released in 1986.

Joe (V) Duffy in Recycled Parts Film released in 2007.

Albert Einstein in Der ewige Jude Film released in 1940.

Yan England in Watatatow TV Series released in 1990.

Cholo Esca�o in Sana'y wala ng wakas TV Series released in 2003.

Casey Fabian in Foreclosed: The Series TV Series released in 2011.

Erik Fledsion in Cyber-C.H.I.C. Film released in 1990.

Chris (I) Frampton in Shi cha qi xiao shi Film released in 2005.

Freddie (I) in Back to the Future Part II Film released in 1989.

Freddie (I) in Back to the Future Part III Film released in 1990.

Freddie (I) in Back to the Future... The Ride Film released in 1991.

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