Who played the role of El Diablo | Which actor played El Diablo

The character of El Diablo is played by Lisa (V) May in El Diablo me da risa Film released in 2011.

Mario Adorf in Gli specialisti Film released in 1969.

Jos� Luis Aguirre 'Trotsky' in Santa Claus Film released in 1959.

Eleazar (I) Garcia Jr. in El Estudiante Video released in 2011.

Tito Guill�n in Las plebes de Sinaloa Film released in 2000.

Jos� G�lvez in Macario Film released in 1960.

Elias Hernandez in El Reo 1025 Video released in 2011.

Mauricio (I) Herrera in Las noches de Paloma Film released in 1978.

Ticky Holgado in Ma vie est un enfer Film released in 1991.

Tenoch (I) Huerta in El infierno Film released in 2010.

Mikhail Islam in Freedom Force Film released in 2002.

Mikhail Islam in Freedom Force Vs the Third Reich Film released in 2004.

George (I) Jac in The Big Calzone Film released in 2014.

Hector Kotsifakis in Los Rey TV Series released in 2012.

Enoc Lea�o in El viaje de Teo Film released in 2008.

Eduardo Li��n in Muchachitas como t� TV Series released in 2007.

Charles Lloyd Pack in Further Up the Creek Film released in 1958.

Nick (III) Lopez in Assassinz TV Film released in 2007.

Chris-Pin Martin in Outlaw Justice Film released in 1932.

Danny Mayorga in Without Borders Film released in 2011.

V�ctor Manuel Mendoza in El tigre de Santa Julia Film released in 1974.

Emilio Montiel in Antes de la Quemazon Video released in 2013.

Emilio Montiel in La Quemazon Video released in 2012.

Sergio (II) Moreno in Los Ju�rez Film released in 2013.

Jack Mower in Cyclone Cavalier Film released in 1925.

Manolo Mu�oz in Mi alma por un amor Film released in 1964.

Ren� (I) M�gica in La caraba Film released in 1947.

Agustin Navarro in La Troca De 3 Colores Video released in 2010.

Christopher Nello in Blank Slate TV Film released in 2008.

Omar Ayala in El Tuzo Film released in 2015.

Robert (I) Beltran in El Diablo TV Film released in 1990.

Keith Eduardo Olmedo in El lobo loco Film released in 1999.

Edward James Olmos in Beverly Hills Chihuahua Film released in 2008.

Johnny Palomarez Jr. in Killer Women TV Series released in 2014.

Gonzalo Pastor in El contrato Film released in 2011.

Alfonso Pedroza in Storm Over the Andes Film released in 1935.

Joe (XIII) Phillips in The Honey Cooler Film released in 2012.

Darryl Read in The Lost Continent Film released in 1968.

Sam (VI) Reid in The Immigrant: Revenge of El Diablo Film released in 2013.

J.E. Rickett in Artsy Fartsy Film released in 2004.

Lalo Roka in El diablo cabalga con la muerte Film released in 1998.

Michael Ted Rooney in Grand TV Series released in 1990.

Mathew Lee Salem in The Return of the El Diablo Film released in 2009.

Austin (III) Schaefer in Holy Hell Film released in 2014.

Alfredo de Soto in T�voli Film released in 1975.

Jos� (I) Torres in 30 Winchester per El Diablo Film released in 1965.

Peter (I) Whitney in The Monkees TV Series released in 1966.

Tony Wolford in Rio Peligroso: A Day in the Life of a Legendary Coyote Film released in 2004.

Jose Yenque in Nash Bridges TV Series released in 1996.

Oleg Zatsepin in In the Drink Film released in 2010.

Oleg Zatsepin in Taco Bender Film released in 2003.

Agust�n Bernal in De parranda con el diablo Video released in 2005.

Paul Buquet in La �ltima y nos vamos Film released in 2006.

Jos� B�ez in Orange Is the New Black TV Series released in 2013.

Otoniel Casta�eda in Alborada carmes� Film released in 2009.

Champion (II) in Comin' 'Round the Mountain Film released in 1936.

George (I) Cisneros in The Legend of El Diablo Film released in 2011.

Raymond Cloutier in Matusalem Film released in 1993.

Raymond Cloutier in Matusalem II: le dernier des Beauchesne Film released in 1997.

William (II) Cobb in President Ninja Video released in 2010.

Arturo Cobo in Pata de palo Film released in 1950.

Berto Colon in The Magnificent Cooly-T Film released in 2009.

Gilberto de Anda in No hay derecho joven Video released in 2006.

Eric (I) del Castillo in Las sobrinas del diablo Film released in 1983.

Juan Fava in El luchador fen�meno Film released in 1952.

Manuel Jim�nez Frayre in Despu�s de la Z Film released in 2013.

Gerald Furnari in The Ghouligans! Mini Series TV Series released in 2013.

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Who played El Diablo Which actors played the role of El Diablo.

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