Who played the role of Eldridge | Which actor played Eldridge

The character of Eldridge is played by Eddie Aldridge in Law & Order TV Series released in 1990.

Carl (II) Anderson in Hill Street Blues TV Series released in 1981.

Michael (VII) Armstrong in Losing It Film released in 2011.

Loris Gafforio in Passo falso TV Film released in 1959.

Stevens Gaston in The Revolution Film released in 2011.

Darrow Igus in Petrified Video released in 2006.

Trevor (I) Jackson in A Killing Affair Film released in 1986.

Robert (I) James in The Troubleshooters TV Series released in 1965.

Paul (I) Jarrett in Continuum Film released in 2012.

David (II) Jensen in Black or White Film released in 2014.

Bill Leadbitter in Love and Death on Long Island Film released in 1997.

Ronald (I) Long in Kraft Mystery Theater TV Series released in 1959.

George Melford in Golden Hoofs Film released in 1941.

George (I) Baker in Dead Head TV Series released in 1986.

J Bartell in Fugitive X: Innocent Target TV Film released in 1996.

Jason (II) Rose in London's Burning: The Movie TV Film released in 1986.

Alec Ross in No Hiding Place TV Series released in 1959.

Steven (VII) Scott in Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen Video released in 2008.

David (I) Shelley in Fast Girls Film released in 2012.

Arthur Space in Wyoming Renegades Film released in 1954.

Beau Billingslea in Project: Tinman TV Film released in 1990.

Michael (I) Callan in The Victors Film released in 1963.

Thomas Commerford in Frauds Film released in 1915.

William (I) Fawcett in The Pride of the Family TV Series released in 1953.

Bernard (I) Fox in Emergency! TV Series released in 1972.

Gary (I) Frank in Untamed Love TV Film released in 1994.

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Who played Eldridge Which actors played the role of Eldridge.

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