Who played the role of Emmett | Which actor played Emmett

The character of Emmett is played by Raquel Meade in We All Fall Down Film released in 2000.

Robert (I) Adler in Gunsmoke TV Series released in 1955.

Chris Jai Alex in Terms & Conditions Film released in 2015.

Corben Alley in Bloody Retired Film released in 2014.

Madison Arnold in Guessing Game Film released in 2012.

James (I) Gammon in CrissCross Film released in 1992.

Matthew (IX) Garcia in Flocker Film released in 0.

Joel Marsh Garland in What Maisie Knew Film released in 2012.

Harrison Gilbertson in Virginia Film released in 2010.

Aaron Ginn-Forsberg in Predatory Instinct Film released in 2011.

Scott (I) Glenn in Silverado Film released in 1985.

Jon (I) Gries in Paradise TV Series released in 1988.

Johnny (II) Griffin in The Dead Zone TV Series released in 2002.

Shane Haboucha in That's So Raven TV Series released in 2003.

Kevin (I) Hagen in Gunsmoke TV Series released in 1955.

Al Hager in Framed Film released in 1975.

Colin Handley in Time Trax TV Series released in 1993.

Larry (I) Hankin in Independence Film released in 2007.

Dave (V) Hanson in The Residuals TV Series released in 2014.

Michael Hardart in Oomph Film released in 2008.

Paul (I) Hartman in Mayberry R.F.D. TV Series released in 1968.

Harry (II) Harvey in Cactus Capers Film released in 1942.

Philip Hayden in Three Minute Moments Film released in 2007.

Lance Henriksen in Cyrus Film released in 2010.

David Hewlett in Boa vs. Python Video released in 2004.

Kevin (II) Hong in iCarly TV Series released in 2007.

Charles (I) Horvath in Cheyenne TV Series released in 1955.

David (I) Huddleston in Gunsmoke TV Series released in 1955.

Anthony (I) Ingram in Cold Squad TV Series released in 1998.

Emmett James in NYPD Blue TV Series released in 1993.

Bryce Clyde Jenkins in Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups Film released in 2012.

Frank (III) Jenks in His Butler's Sister Film released in 1943.

Henry (I) Jones in Playhouse 90 TV Series released in 1956.

Joe Keery in Chicago Fire TV Series released in 2012.

Peter L. in Room 402 Film released in 2013.

Lee Way Lan in Aura Boroughs Film released in 2015.

Brian Larrabee in The Young and the Restless TV Series released in 1973.

Art (I) Lewis in The George Raft Story Film released in 1961.

Richard Lockmiller in A Man Called Sloane TV Series released in 1979.

Emmett (I) Loverde in Free Advice Film released in 2012.

Emmett Lynn in Hooked and Rooked Film released in 1952.

Emmett Lynn in Pleasure Treasure Film released in 1951.

Emmett Lynn in You Were Never Uglier Film released in 1944.

Ryan (I) MacDonald in The Devlin Connection TV Series released in 1982.

Happy Mahaney in Boo Film released in 2005.

Howard Maurer in House of the Witchdoctor Film released in 2013.

James (III) Mayberry in Selma, Lord, Selma TV Film released in 1999.

Bart (I) McCarthy in Pretty Little Liars TV Series released in 2010.

Richard McGonagle in Party of Five TV Series released in 1994.

Andrew McKeough in Conestoga TV Series released in 2014.

Gary McLarty in Rooster Cogburn Film released in 1975.

Emmett (II) Miller in Yes Sir, Mr. Bones Film released in 1951.

Teague Morris in Appearances Film released in 2012.

Kenneth Morrisey in Tales from the Cryptkeeper TV Series released in 1993.

Zero Mostel in Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell Film released in 1951.

Aidan Nagle in Triumph TV Series released in 2014.

Abdelkrim Assad in Portobello Road Film released in 2015.

Paul Barselou in Father Murphy TV Series released in 1981.

Terry (I) Becker in Gunsmoke TV Series released in 1955.

Nestor Paiva in Flying G-Men Film released in 1939.

Chris (II) Pauley in Wolves Film released in 2008.

Dane (IV) Peterson in Last Spring Break Film released in 2014.

Justin Rain in Heartland Film released in 2007.

Matthew Rappolt in Emmett Video released in 2004.

Damon Redfern in Lost Girl TV Series released in 2010.

Frank (I) Richards in Rawhide TV Series released in 1959.

Warner Richmond in Irish Hearts Film released in 1927.

Emmett Rose in Hawaii Five-O TV Series released in 1968.

Benjamin Royer in 2 Broke Girls TV Series released in 2011.

Kurt Schmidtchen in Die Silberfl�te TV Film released in 1964.

Jesse Setka in Over Film released in 2012.

Brian (XXIX) Smith in Two and a Half Men TV Series released in 2003.

Ron (I) Soble in The Virginian TV Series released in 1962.

Ian (V) Steele in Casting Call Film released in 2015.

Nathan (I) Stephenson in Dark Oracle TV Series released in 2004.

Joseph (I) Steven in Pawn Film released in 2011.

Jack Ray Stevens in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman TV Series released in 1993.

Aaron Strand in Little Miss Twenty Something Film released in 2015.

Aaron (I) Stuart in The Dancers Film released in 1981.

Rossif Sutherland in Being Erica TV Series released in 2009.

Rob (XII) Thompson in Jigsaw 2D Film released in 2014.

Tyler (I) Tone in The Chosen Family Film released in 2002.

David Troughton in Captain Jack Film released in 1999.

Harry Van Gorkum in Butterfly Film released in 2011.

Emmett Vogan Jr. in Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Film released in 1946.

Dave 'Squatch' Ward in A Mother's Justice TV Film released in 1991.

James E. Washington in The Legend of Gator Face Film released in 1996.

Mills Watson in Doc Elliot TV Series released in 1973.

Adam (I) West in Gunsmoke TV Series released in 1955.

Stoney Westmoreland in Battle Creek TV Series released in 2015.

Mike Whale in The Haunted Road of Life Film released in 2008.

Sam (XVIII) White in Coulrophobia Film released in 2014.

Micah (I) Williams in Good Luck Charlie TV Series released in 2010.

Luke (I) Wilson in Legally Blonde Film released in 2001.

Sean P. Young in Sister, Sister TV Series released in 1994.

Charles (I) Benton in High Noon, Part II: The Return of Will Kane TV Film released in 1980.

Sean Berdy in Switched at Birth TV Series released in 2011.

Phil Bernardin in Carroll Park Film released in 2013.

Clement Blake in Profiler TV Series released in 1996.

Jordan Michael Blake in Yeye Bells Shiver Film released in 2013.

Jesse Bostick in Frenemies TV Film released in 2012.

Paul Brescia in House of Micky TV Series released in 2009.

Trevor (II) Brooks in Sore Eyes Film released in 2015.

Earl Browning III in Inspector Mom TV Series released in 2006.

Robert (XVII) Burke in Strangers Film released in 2012.

Alan Caillou in Five Fingers TV Series released in 1959.

Timothy Carhart in Playing for Keeps Film released in 1986.

John L. Cason in Annie Oakley TV Series released in 1954.

Bill Chadney in Peter Gunn TV Series released in 1958.

Stephen (III) Chase in Riders of Black Mountain Film released in 1940.

Alex (XXI) Clark in Psychos in the Woods Video released in 2012.

Scott (XXX) Clark in The Island Film released in 2013.

Travis Cluff in The Measure of a Man Film released in 2011.

Chris (II) Cochrane in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Xander Corvus in The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee Video released in 2014.

Michael Countryman in The Paper Film released in 1994.

Thomas A. (I) Curran in Anne Against the World Film released in 1929.

Stringer Davis in The Smallest Show on Earth Film released in 1957.

Theo Devaney in Knocking on Death's Door Film released in 2014.

Jon DeVries in As the World Turns TV Series released in 1956.

Dik Downey in Emmett & Ernie Film released in 2011.

Charles S. Dutton in Zooman TV Film released in 1995.

Earl Dwire in Lawless Range Film released in 1935.

Fred Estes in Little Men Film released in 1940.

Lanny Flaherty in Tom and Huck Film released in 1995.

Patrick Fugit in The Moguls Film released in 2005.

Emmett Furey in Bumps in the Night TV Series released in 2009.

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