Who played the role of Ezekiel | Which actor played Ezekiel

The character of Ezekiel is played by Cindy (III) Long in The Awakening Tales TV Series released in 2014.

Nicolette McKenzie in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Film released in 2011.

Kana Hanazawa in Junketsu no Maria TV Series released in 2015.

Claude Akins in Bonanza TV Series released in 1959.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Holy Matrimony Film released in 1994.

Seth (I) Green in Sex Drive Film released in 2008.

Chadbourne Hamblin in Danny Caldwell Goes to Hell Film released in 2010.

Glen Hentz in Give Til It Hurts Film released in 2015.

Joe (V) Herrera in Forget About the World Film released in 2015.

Karl Hoglander in Blood Feud Video released in 2010.

Karl Hoglander in Blood Feud: Blood Isn't Always Thicker Than Water TV Series released in 2012.

Andrew Isaac in Nietzsche Video released in 2003.

Sarunas J. Jackson in Worldstar Headquarters TV Series released in 2015.

Buster Jameson in Countryman Film released in 1982.

Benjamin (XXVII) Jones in Amish Haunting TV Series released in 2014.

Sean Bahr Kelly in 8MMM Aboriginal Radio TV Series released in 2015.

Waleed (I) Khalid in Designated Target Film released in 2007.

Goran Kostic in Grease Monkeys TV Series released in 2003.

Jai Koutrae in The Half Dead Film released in 2015.

Christopher Naoki Lee in Castle in the Sky: A Short Film Film released in 2010.

Jonny (II) Lewis in Soul Searcher Film released in 2005.

Greg (II) Mazzola in 6 Angels Video released in 2006.

Christopher McMorris in The Greasy Plate Film released in 2011.

Adam Meir in Magdalena: Released from Shame Film released in 2008.

Vuyo Mfanekiso in P.O.V. TV Series released in 1988.

James F. Nall in The Middle of Damn Nowhere Film released in 2005.

Anthony Del Negro in Beautiful Flowers Film released in 2015.

James Ngcobo in Red Dust Film released in 2004.

Randy Becker in Ezekiel Film released in 2001.

Richard (I) Norton in Force: Five Film released in 1981.

Ebenezeer Odoom in Bag of Love Film released in 2012.

Peter Oldring in Total Drama All Stars TV Series released in 2013.

Warren Owens in Barbara Wood: Traumzeit TV Film released in 2001.

Russell Peacock in Lancaster Vice Video released in 2007.

Tahmoh Penikett in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Ethan (I) Peterson in The Fourth Horseman Film released in 2012.

Nathan Reitz in Witch Creek Film released in 2014.

Sunil Sadarangani in And Hell Followed with Them Film released in 2010.

Gordon Salkilld in Poldark TV Series released in 1975.

Aaron (I) Silverstein in Green Ferocious Film released in 2010.

Stephan Smith Collins in Broken Arrows Film released in 2007.

J.W. (I) Smith in Ezekiel Film released in 2007.

Justice (I) Smith in The Get Down Film released in 2016.

Justice (II) Smith in The Get Down Film released in 2016.

Brent Spiner in The Midnight Man Film released in 2015.

Will Stanfill in Dead in Texas Film released in 2005.

Hjalmar Svenna in John Faust Film released in 2015.

Kenny (II) Taylor in Evolution: The Musical! Film released in 2008.

C. Ronjohn Troejaxx in Theodore of the Absurd Film released in 2012.

Freddy Viquez in Mi vida eres t� TV Series released in 2006.

Stevie Wash Jr. in All of Us TV Series released in 2003.

Mark (XV) Wilson in The Faith Healer's Manual for the Slightly Inebriated Film released in 2002.

Alex Zahara in Jeremiah TV Series released in 2002.

Chaz Black in Kicked Out Film released in 2011.

James Brazil in The 25th Hour Film released in 2013.

Steve (VIII) Caldwell in The Homecoming Film released in 2013.

Dave (XII) Carter in Exile Film released in 2011.

Damon Christensen in Fear & Loathing in Apartment B Film released in 2013.

Christopher Cohill in Frank's Place TV Series released in 1987.

Robb Conner in Heroes Film released in 2006.

Myles Cranford in The Good River Film released in 2011.

Ted Desanti in Assassin's Creed: Generations III Video released in 2011.

Phil (I) Duffy in Ezekiel Film released in 2011.

Chris (I) Elliott in Scary Movie 4 Film released in 2006.

Christopher Fairbank in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Film released in 2011.

Antonio Fargas in Heroes Film released in 2006.

Ron Feinberg in Kung Fu TV Series released in 1972.

Sarah (II) Feldman in The Dantonian Revelation Film released in 2014.

Anthony (I) Ficco in Eight Legs Film released in 2013.

Joey Finiguerra in Guardians of the Confluence Film released in 2014.

Connar Frazier in World of Dogs Film released in 2014.

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Who played Ezekiel Which actors played the role of Ezekiel.

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