Who played the role of Famine | Which actor played Famine

The character of Famine is played by Jennifer Knighton in Modos: The Prophecy Armageddon Film released in 2011.

Angelina Leigh in The Four Film released in 2012.

Sandy (III) in The Snapper TV Film released in 1993.

Laurie-Beth Dixon in The Bureau Video released in 2010.

Chris (XIX) Allen in Intercessor: Another Rock 'N' Roll Nightmare Video released in 2005.

K.J. Linhein in Mr. Blue Shirt: The Inspiration Film released in 2015.

Fangso Liu in Meet Derek Film released in 2011.

Ej McCarty in The Dantonian Revelation Film released in 2014.

Paul (XVII) Barnes in Revelations Film released in 2011.

Tito (I) Ortiz in The Crow: Wicked Prayer Film released in 2005.

James (I) Otis in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Dinny Powell in Red Dwarf TV Series released in 1988.

Jeff Ricketts in Charmed TV Series released in 1998.

Patrick Ropp in Apocalypse Theory Film released in 2012.

Aaron (II) Schwartz in Evil Film released in 2011.

Michael Somes in Job TV Film released in 1936.

Scott Summitt in Over Coffee Film released in 2007.

Peter Tilly in Grey Britain Film released in 2009.

Graham Valentine in The Baby of M�con Film released in 1993.

Todd Betker in Grim Film released in 2004.

Gordon Coe in The Four Horsemen and Daphne Film released in 2013.

Brad Dell in The Fourth Horseman Film released in 2012.

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Who played Famine Which actors played the role of Famine.

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