Who played the role of Father John | Which actor played Father John

The character of Father John is played by Chinggoy Alonzo in Sabel TV Series released in 2010.

Carmen Argenziano in The Chosen Film released in 2008.

Peter Grezev in Freemasons Film released in 2014.

Torrey Hanson in Waterwalk Film released in 2012.

Tony Haygarth in The Royal TV Series released in 2003.

Jerry Haynes in The Outfitters Film released in 1999.

Gunnar Hellstr�m in Djungel�ventyret Campa Campa Film released in 1976.

John (I) Huff in Howling: New Moon Rising Video released in 1995.

John (XIX) Jacobs in Revelations Film released in 2015.

Marshall (II) Jacobson in To Catch A Priest Film released in 2014.

Charmar Jeter in The Prayer Film released in 2015.

Michael (VIII) John in Santa Croce Film released in 2007.

Nich Kauffman in The Confession Film released in 2013.

Ben (I) Keaton in Love Bite Film released in 2012.

M.G. Kelly in The Enforcer Film released in 1976.

Rob Kolinsky in The Summoned TV Series released in 2015.

Adam La Rosa in Father Time Film released in 2015.

Bill (II) Lawrence in It Nearly Wasn't Christmas TV Film released in 1989.

Michael (XLI) Martin in God Forgive Us Film released in 2014.

John (III) McAndrew in Casualty TV Series released in 1986.

Neil (II) McCarthy in Gugu and Andile TV Film released in 2009.

Neil (II) McCarthy in uGugu no Andile TV Series released in 2008.

Paul McComiskey in The Wolf Video released in 2012.

Stan (I) McDonald in Silo Film released in 2013.

Harry Michaelides in Christ Rising Film released in 2015.

John H. Mulligan in Vampire Biker Babes Film released in 2007.

Harry S. Murphy in Shattered! Film released in 2008.

Sergio Myers in The Zombinator Film released in 2012.

Sergio Myers in Zombie Priest Film released in 2016.

Daniel (I) Baldock in Death of the Virgin Film released in 2009.

Gerry Bamman in Superstar Film released in 1999.

Ed Begley Jr. in Insight TV Series released in 1960.

Anthony (I) O'Donnell in The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: Beyond the Pale TV Film released in 2014.

Michael O'Hagan in Dangerous Lady TV Series released in 1995.

Mike O-Brien in Part of Me Film released in 2011.

Jamie Oxenbould in Ya Gotta Have Faith Film released in 2002.

Avery Pearson in Spectrum Film released in 2010.

Ruben Rabasa in Red on Red Film released in 2015.

Tom Ricciardelli in Grimises Rising Film released in 2012.

Gary (I) Rolin in Chosen Film released in 2004.

Clive Russell in The Fighter's Ballad Film released in 2010.

John Saxon in Fears Film released in 2015.

Andrew Sensenig in Speed Demons Film released in 2010.

James Sferrazza in Venial Film released in 0.

Denzil (I) Smith in The Coffin Maker Film released in 0.

Kevin Sorbo in Love, Inc. TV Series released in 2005.

Chris (IV) Stacey in Malachi IX Film released in 2012.

Chris (V) Stacey in Malachi IX Film released in 2012.

Jason Robert Stephens in Merchants of Death Film released in 1999.

Kevin Stoney in Fall of Eagles TV Series released in 1974.

Tom Tammi in She's the One Film released in 1996.

Todd (I) Terry in Altarcation Film released in 2009.

Harry Van Gorkum in Swimming with the Virgin Film released in 2006.

Martin (I) Vaughan in The Missing Film released in 1999.

Robert Vento in The Godfather: Part III Film released in 1990.

Tom (I) Virtue in Newhart TV Series released in 1982.

Dylan Vox in Barely Legal Video released in 2011.

Justin (III) Wells in Holier Than Thou Video released in 2006.

Frank (I) Williams in Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width TV Series released in 1967.

Tim (XVIII) Wilson in Orange Is the New Black TV Series released in 2013.

Alexander (I) Brooks in The Discovery of Heaven Film released in 2001.

John Capelluto in Zombie Stew Film released in 2007.

Jeffrey Caudle in Confession Film released in 2006.

Kenneth Cranham in Death in Paradise TV Series released in 2011.

Bill Cwikowski in Zero Hour TV Series released in 2013.

Larry Daggett in Ringer$ TV Series released in 2014.

Alan (I) Dale in Grace Film released in 2014.

Hugo Dann in A Father for Brittany TV Film released in 1998.

John Darrell in Electric Shades of Grey Video released in 2001.

Hector Elias in George Lopez TV Series released in 2002.

Jim (I) Falkenstein in State of Desolation Film released in 2016.

Noel Ferrier in Little Jungle Boy Film released in 1971.

Simon (I) Fielder in Love or Money TV Film released in 2001.

John (IV) Finnegan in Santorini Blue Film released in 2013.

Alfred Fisher in The Country Beyond Film released in 1926.

Jason Anthony Fisher in A Soldier's Faith Film released in 2007.

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Who played Father John Which actors played the role of Father John.

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