Who played the role of Father Michael | Which actor played Father Michael

The character of Father Michael is played by Ashot Adamyan in The Key Film released in 2010.

Dennis Albanese in Satan's Whip Film released in 2006.

Robert Alda in The House of Exorcism Film released in 1975.

Nicholas Gecks in Forever Young Film released in 1983.

Murali Gopy in Kanyaka Talkies Film released in 2013.

Dennis Haggard in Hole Film released in 2010.

Tom Harryman in Waterwalk Film released in 2012.

James (I) Hayes in Playing the Field TV Series released in 1998.

John Benjamin Hickey in The New Normal TV Series released in 2012.

Joel (I) Hunter in Chosen Film released in 2004.

Frazz Jarvis in The Jigsaw of Life Film released in 2005.

Terry Jernigan in Dream About Angels Film released in 2012.

Paddy Joyce in Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width TV Series released in 1967.

Mark Kemble in Forget Me Not Film released in 2009.

Bobby Kerecz in Shark Exorcist Film released in 2015.

Tomi Kerminen in Behind the Cross Film released in 2012.

Emery Kuhn in Snuffing Cinderella Film released in 2002.

Christopher (I) Lee in To the Devil a Daughter Film released in 1976.

Steve (II) Lemish in At the Foot of the Rainbow Film released in 2015.

Brian E.B. Leslie in Redemption Film released in 2007.

M.E. Lewis in Reign TV Series released in 2013.

Charles Lloyd Pack in Whodunnit? TV Series released in 1972.

John (I) Malcolm in Minder TV Series released in 1979.

Sergey (I) Medvedev in Ya ne vernus TV Series released in 2005.

Robert (LXI) Miller in Absolution Film released in 2015.

Timothy V. Murphy in Pit Fighter Film released in 2005.

Jack (I) Nance in Little Witches Film released in 1996.

John O. Nelson in Side Show Film released in 2007.

Matthew (I) Ashford in Chronicles of an Exorcism Film released in 2008.

Catalin Babliuc in Gunpowder, Treason & Plot TV Film released in 2004.

Timothy Balme in Greenstone TV Series released in 1999.

Robert (I) Beltran in Murder, She Wrote TV Series released in 1984.

Johnny O'Neill in Arrest and Trial TV Series released in 1963.

Mark O'Regan in The Last of the High Kings Film released in 1996.

Michael John Paliotti in Confessional TV Series released in 1989.

Fred (I) Paul in The English Rose Film released in 1920.

Craig Peritz in The Composition Film released in 2012.

Clarke Peters in Grace Film released in 2014.

Myles Purcell in All God's Children Film released in 2003.

Jim Queally in Razor Fish Film released in 2004.

Brian (I) Robbins in Da Vinci's War Film released in 1993.

Daniel Roebuck in Any Day Now TV Series released in 1998.

Clifford Rose in A Married Man TV Series released in 1983.

Frank Runyeon in Santa Barbara TV Series released in 1984.

Garwin Sanford in Night Man TV Series released in 1997.

Jim (III) Santangeli in Deadbeat TV Series released in 2014.

Andrew (LXXXII) Smith in The Weakness TV Series released in 2007.

Ted (I) Spencer in 100 Proof Film released in 2010.

Ted (VII) Spencer in 100 Proof Film released in 2010.

Michael (VI) Stanley in Passing the Bar Film released in 2006.

John (I) Stanton in Certain Women TV Series released in 1973.

P.G. Stephens in ITV Television Playhouse TV Series released in 1955.

Mark Tchelistcheff in Corps plong�s TV Film released in 1998.

John Toles-Bey in The Flash TV Series released in 1990.

Michael (I) Vasicek in College Pranks Film released in 2015.

Michael (V) Vasquez in Treasures Film released in 2015.

Gary Wasniewski in Fears Film released in 2015.

Walt (I) Whitman in The Heart of Humanity Film released in 1918.

John (I) Woodford in The White Moll Film released in 1920.

Leo Wringer in Law & Order: UK TV Series released in 2009.

Robert Youngren in Bloody Christmas Film released in 2012.

Marco Zaccagnini in Holy Car! Film released in 2011.

Bill Bernhardt in Dakota Film released in 2015.

Rory (I) Berry in Jack of Hearts Film released in 2013.

Tom (I) Beyer in Medicine Men Film released in 2012.

David (II) Bradley in Asylum Film released in 2003.

Michel Zohouri in Enter the Diamond Film released in 2015.

Stuart Burt in My Life in Film TV Series released in 2004.

Gabriel Byrne in The Treatment TV Film released in 1984.

Brendan Cauldwell in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Film released in 1977.

Brett Climo in Blackwater Trail Film released in 1995.

Stephen Colbert in The Mindy Project TV Series released in 2012.

Adri� Collado in Fumata blanca Film released in 2002.

Antoni Corone in Apollyon Film released in 2015.

Eric Coudrill in The Bill TV Series released in 1984.

Mackenzie Crook in Solomon Kane Film released in 2009.

Ben (I) Cross in The Unholy Film released in 1988.

Dermot Crowley in Murder in Suburbia TV Series released in 2004.

Martin (I) Cummins in Hell in a Handbag Film released in 2015.

Troy Curvey Jr. in Grey's Anatomy TV Series released in 2005.

William B. Davis in Saint Sinner TV Film released in 2002.

Philippe Dean in Il tiranno Video released in 2000.

Liem Michael Doan in Dust of Life Film released in 2006.

Paul (I) Dooley in Batman: The Animated Series TV Series released in 1992.

Gaalen Engen in These Walls Film released in 2012.

Alan (I) Fawcett in One Eyed King Film released in 2001.

Eddy Fitzgerald in The Door Beneath Film released in 2012.

Jack (I) Fitzgerald in The Evil Ones Film released in 1994.

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Who played Father Michael Which actors played the role of Father Michael.

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