Who played the role of Faulkner | Which actor played Faulkner

The character of Faulkner is played by Jeremy Gagan in Strapless Film released in 1989.

Bernard Gallagher in Play for Today TV Series released in 1970.

Art Greene in Tell About the South: Voices in Black and White TV Film released in 1998.

Raymond Greenleaf in Storm Warning Film released in 1951.

Bruce (I) Greenwood in Perfect Crimes TV Film released in 1991.

Michael Keys Hall in The Night They Saved Christmas TV Film released in 1984.

Nelron Hubbard in Slime City Massacre Film released in 2010.

Stanley Lebor in The Brothers TV Series released in 1972.

Paul (I) Aston in The Voyage of Charles Darwin TV Series released in 1978.

Chester Barnett in The Wheel of the Gods Film released in 1915.

Frank Beal in Wide Open Film released in 1930.

James Paradise in Jury Duty: The Comedy TV Film released in 1990.

Tom Rack in Toby McTeague Film released in 1986.

Roger Rowland in Hine TV Series released in 1971.

Tom Schanley in T.J. Hooker TV Series released in 1982.

Murray Simon in Team Judas Film released in 2013.

Ivan F. Simpson in Sherlock Holmes Film released in 1932.

Harry Stubbs in The Gang Buster Film released in 1931.

Christian Tessier in Power Corps. Film released in 2004.

Robert Zachar in The Rig Film released in 2010.

Nick Dunning in London Kills Me Film released in 1991.

Hugh (I) Evans in The Sleeper TV Film released in 1964.

Gil Frye in Perry Mason TV Series released in 1957.

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Who played Faulkner Which actors played the role of Faulkner.

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