Who played the role of Fence | Which actor played Fence

The character of Fence is played by Natalia Savelyeva in Yesterday Video released in 2007.

Raffaella (I) Bella in Alamandra Film released in 2004.

Roberta Wright in Sleepwalk Film released in 1986.

John (III) Ahearn in Acts of Worship Film released in 2001.

Walter Alza in Verdict in Blood TV Film released in 2002.

Stefan Arngrim in Arrow TV Series released in 2012.

Naeim Ghalili in Setem Film released in 2009.

Tommy Giavachini in Expert Weapon Film released in 1993.

Gawn Grainger in The Saint: The Brazilian Connection TV Film released in 1989.

Stephen Greif in Risen 2: Dark Waters Film released in 2012.

Michael C. (I) Gwynne in Harry in Your Pocket Film released in 1973.

Hanuman (I) in Stingers TV Series released in 1998.

Sven (I) Holmberg in Rasmus, Pontus och Toker Film released in 1956.

Chao-Ming Hung in The Chinese Caper Film released in 1978.

Keith (I) Kaye in Division 4 TV Series released in 1969.

Vladim�r Kulhav� in A Knight's Tale Film released in 2001.

Vincent Laresca in Drillbit Taylor Film released in 2008.

Anthony (I) Lee in Under One Roof TV Series released in 1995.

Richard (I) Lett in Dark Angel TV Series released in 2000.

Lucien Littlefield in Kindling Film released in 1915.

Jessejames Locorriere in Devious Maids TV Series released in 2013.

Gary Maas in Happy New Year Film released in 1987.

Kent McQuaid in Moose TV TV Series released in 2005.

Bob McRoberts in Masterminds TV Series released in 2003.

Ephraim Muriithi in The Captain of Nakara Film released in 2012.

Herms M�ller in Domenica Film released in 1993.

Ray Atherton in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Film released in 1986.

Cheol-min (I) Park in Kaechimi Film released in 2013.

Dave Riddington in Once Upon a Crime Film released in 2013.

Julian Rivett in Urban Hymn Film released in 2015.

Anthony (I) Russell in The George Carlin Show TV Series released in 1994.

Anton Saunders in Bypass Film released in 2014.

Harry Seymour in Gentlemen Are Born Film released in 1934.

Denis (I) Smith in Styx Video released in 2001.

Bill Tangradi in Criminal Minds TV Series released in 2005.

Philip Van Zandt in Easy Life Film released in 1944.

Kenneth (I) Washington in Police Story TV Series released in 1973.

Jack (VII) White in Hot Stuff Film released in 1979.

Ted (I) White in The Rockford Files TV Series released in 1974.

Ronan Wilmot in The Tale of Sweeney Todd TV Film released in 1997.

Peter (III) Berg in Armchair Cinema TV Series released in 1973.

Salvatore Billa in La seconda notte di nozze Film released in 2005.

Maurice Bland in Birds of Prey Film released in 1985.

JR Bourne in The Zero Sum Film released in 2009.

T.J. Castronovo in The Blue Knight TV Series released in 1975.

George Cisar in Somebody Up There Likes Me Film released in 1956.

James Donadio in Savannah TV Series released in 1996.

David Fairbloom in Masterminds TV Series released in 2003.

Gerald Faught in Street Life Video released in 2007.

Joshua Feinman in No Ordinary Family TV Series released in 2010.

Thomas Fiorello in Fort Apache the Bronx Film released in 1981.

Bob (I) Frank in Jake and the Fatman TV Series released in 1987.

Jerry Fujikawa in Farewell, My Lovely Film released in 1975.

Ging Man Fung in Long de xin Film released in 1985.

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Who played Fence Which actors played the role of Fence.

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