Who played the role of Fester | Which actor played Fester

The character of Fester is played by Vincent B. Gorce in Redemption 101 Film released in 2007.

Hiroaki (I) Hirata in The Legend of Dragoon Film released in 1999.

Tim (VIII) Holt in Devil's Crossing Film released in 2011.

Spencer Kane in Bunker'd Film released in 2011.

Peter Mark Kendall in Public Morals TV Series released in 2015.

Patrick Labyorteaux in 3 Ninjas Film released in 1992.

Chris (I) Landon in Hope Film released in 1999.

Alex (I) Lewnes in Redneck Zombies Film released in 1989.

Ben (XXIX) Miller in Stockpile 11 Film released in 1996.

Michael (I) Rooker in Song of the Knife Film released in 2010.

Vicellous Reon Shannon in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

Mackenzie Thorpe in Gridiron UK Film released in 2015.

Darji B. Udayan in My Chorus Film released in 2000.

Carl (I) Chase in Dead Man's Cards Film released in 2006.

Thurston Cherry in The Abominable... Video released in 2006.

Jeff Cotler in The Waltons TV Series released in 1971.

Mike Defauw in Three Shades of Black Film released in 2003.

Douglas Dirkson in Wildside TV Series released in 1985.

Cameron (VII) Duncan in Winged Things Film released in 2014.

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Who played Fester Which actors played the role of Fester.

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