Who played the role of Fiance | Which actor played Fiance

The character of Fiance is played by Megan Albertus in The Last Night Film released in 2010.

Kendra Kessel in Inni Film released in 2005.

Megan Lipworth in Canal and Allen Film released in 2009.

Kristen M. Mentasti in Southern Fried & Laid to the Side Film released in 2014.

Rose Opengart in Unknown Caller Film released in 2014.

Alex Russo in Maintenance Man Film released in 2015.

Beverly Sartain in Feint Film released in 2013.

Andreanna Veith in So Little Time TV Series released in 2001.

Jana Winternitz in Totally Sketch TV Series released in 2009.

Michelle Carano in Make My Day TV Series released in 2009.

Jennifer Carbajal in Retribution Film released in 2009.

Elizabeth (II) Corbett in God Where Are You? Film released in 2014.

Kristin (XII) Davis in Drinking Buddies Film released in 2013.

Angela de Malignon in Orb Film released in 2007.

Beki Diamond in Changing Hearts Film released in 2012.

Magdalyn Donnelly in Using Film released in 2015.

Emily Dowden-Estes in The War Within Film released in 2014.

Caitlin Fillers in Watching the Detectives TV Series released in 2008.

Candice Fortin in R�lasum� Film released in 2012.

Y� Hayami in Rampo Film released in 1994.

Jessica Hendrickson in A Day in the Life of Laserman Film released in 2011.

Erast Garin in Svadba Film released in 1944.

Mark R. Gerson in Dark Matter Film released in 2007.

Einar (I) Hanson in Hems�borna Film released in 1919.

Dave Hehn in Textuality Film released in 2011.

D. Mark Holmes in Redemption 316 Film released in 2012.

Tsuyoshi Hosokawa in The Tender Bartender Film released in 2013.

John Ierardi in Casual Film released in 2013.

John Ierardi in Casual: The Series TV Series released in 2010.

Terrence Jenkins in Baggage Claim Film released in 2013.

Choi Jin-Hyuk in Eum-ma Film released in 2005.

Nicholas Kadi in Ballad of the Nightingale Film released in 1999.

Scott (I) Kerr in Get Serious Video released in 1995.

Thabo Ketshabetswe in Witches of East End TV Series released in 2013.

Jack Krizmanich in SideWalk Situations Film released in 0.

Dave Kuhlmann-Taylor in Dead Ballerina Film released in 2006.

Koichi Kuriyama in Rizerumain TV Series released in 2002.

Toni Laurencic in Drugi covek Film released in 1988.

Robert (X) Lee in Midnight Caller TV Series released in 1988.

Sheva Leigh in The Lifeline Trilogy Film released in 2008.

Dominic Lerma in The Bible Rules TV Series released in 2014.

Ruslana (II) Lev in Salad Film released in 2013.

Johnny Lever in Aashiq Film released in 2001.

Will Mackenzie in That Girl TV Series released in 1966.

Kat Mahuron in Consequences of War Film released in 2014.

Pavel Maltsev in Chekhov the Proposal Film released in 2014.

Robbie Manners in Leave to Stay Film released in 2013.

Nelson (I) Marquez in Dance with Me Film released in 1998.

Tom (II) McCrory in The Mississippi TV Series released in 1982.

George (IV) Meyers in Manila Assassin's Creed Film released in 2014.

Vasiliy Mishchenko in Tranzit TV Film released in 1982.

Egor (II) Morozov in Univer TV Series released in 2008.

Andrey (II) Myasnikov in Univer TV Series released in 2008.

Christopher Ashe in Crossballs: The Debate Show TV Series released in 2004.

Scott (I) Avery in Stranger in Hollywood Film released in 1968.

Prince Bagdasarian in A Cinderella Tale Film released in 2010.

Lee Baptiste in Sleepwalkers Film released in 2015.

Glen Barwise in Hardball Video released in 1997.

Daran Norris in Gate Keepers TV Series released in 2000.

Tyler Oser in What's Wrong Film released in 2013.

Roy Parras in Homophobia Film released in 2012.

Jack Recknitz in Ostatnie takie trio TV Film released in 1977.

Malcolm Riordan in Grief: A Dramatic Short Subject Film released in 2011.

Eric (I) Satterberg in Engaged for Murder Film released in 2012.

Achim Schmahl in Ich dachte, ich w�r tot Film released in 1973.

Becky Sheridan in Torn Apart Film released in 2013.

Paul Skibbe in Mein Stern Film released in 2001.

Traci Skoldberg in Containment Film released in 2012.

Brian (LII) Smith in Torn Apart Film released in 2013.

S.J. Son in Bedhead V.S. The Occult Film released in 2014.

Chris (I) Spinelli in Grey's Anatomy TV Series released in 2005.

Tyler Street in Duplicity Film released in 2012.

David (I) Sutcliffe in Forever Knight TV Series released in 1992.

Bob Templeton in The Great Gatsby Film released in 1949.

Michael Teplitzky in Sipur Hatzi-Russi Film released in 2006.

Victor Verek in Mama Dracula Film released in 1980.

Marco Vicario in Alone in the Streets Film released in 1956.

Damon (I) Williams in Speechless... Film released in 2001.

Tolden Williams in Just Go 4 It TV Series released in 2012.

Patrick (I) Zeller in The Guiding Light TV Series released in 1952.

Ken (I) Berry in General Electric Theater TV Series released in 1953.

Paul (I) Bradford in Mannix TV Series released in 1967.

Joel (II) Bronson in Muscle Hawk: Electric Light Film released in 2012.

Tim Byer in Channel Surfing TV Series released in 2012.

Pasquale Cassalia in 40 Sundays Film released in 2015.

Nate (V) Clark in Suburgatory TV Series released in 2011.

Greg Corbett in Coma TV Series released in 2012.

Josh Covitt in Arrest & Trial TV Series released in 2000.

Andrew (III) Daniels in The Train Film released in 2014.

Alexey Diakov in Fotograf Film released in 1998.

Roger Duplease in Kissing Darkness Film released in 2014.

Arlen Escarpeta in Living an Uldouz Life TV Series released in 2011.

Paolo (I) Ferrari in Camping Film released in 1958.

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