Who played the role of Freya | Which actor played Freya

The character of Freya is played by Niamh Algar in Stoop Film released in 2014.

Kate (II) Atkinson in Rush TV Series released in 2008.

Sarah (XXXVI) Jones in Collision Film released in 2011.

Isa Kara in Jarretelles roses sur bas noirs Film released in 1981.

Maria (I) Kawamura in Seinto Seiya TV Series released in 1986.

Jacqueline Kirkham in Following the Wicca Man Film released in 2013.

Eartha Kitt in Behind the Director's Son's Cut Video released in 2007.

Eartha Kitt in Erik the Viking Film released in 1989.

Deborah Klayman in The Honeytrap Film released in 2010.

Barbro Kollberg in Herzen im Sturm Film released in 1951.

Alison Kuhn in Spur Muskat Film released in 2014.

Mia Lerdam in Mens verden venter Film released in 2012.

Ad�la�de Leroux in Ivul Film released in 2009.

Anna Eline Levin in Kandidaten Film released in 2008.

Olga Leyers in Rox TV Series released in 2011.

Ann Lynn in BBC Sunday-Night Play TV Series released in 1960.

Jane March in Beauty and the Beast Film released in 2005.

Lea Massari in La giornata balorda Film released in 1960.

Esther McAuley in Mustn't Grumble Film released in 2013.

Ellen McKessock in Tales of Odin: The Necklace of the Brislings Film released in 2011.

Justine McLucas in A Country Practice TV Series released in 1981.

Zara Michales in Childhood's End TV Series released in 2015.

Renee Michele in �on Flux Film released in 2005.

Stephanie Molta in Of Yesterday and Tomorrow Film released in 2009.

Marjorie Monaghan in Star Trek: Voyager TV Series released in 1995.

Eileen Montgomery in Eve of October: Sol Trinity Video released in 2014.

Anna Maria Monticelli in The Girl from Tomorrow Part Two: Tomorrow's End TV Series released in 1993.

Bailey-Mai Mosely in Viva Blackpool TV Film released in 2006.

Tegan Moss in Vikingdom Film released in 2013.

Sophia Myles in Outlander Film released in 2008.

Joanna Neary in The Last Chancers TV Series released in 2004.

Nancy Novotny in 009-1 TV Series released in 2006.

Alison Pettitt in Ankh 3: Battle of the Gods Film released in 2008.

Lauren Dallas Pilgrim in Hitler & Henry VIII Film released in 2011.

Laura Post in Eve of October OVA1 Video released in 2011.

Kirsten Potter in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria Film released in 2006.

Kathryn Redwood in Ulysses Road Film released in 2008.

Camilla Roholm in Powder Film released in 2011.

Kathryn Redwood in Ulysses Road Film released in 2008.

Camilla Roholm in Powder Film released in 2011.

Georgia Ross in Gate 38 Film released in 2011.

Caroline Rottier in Caf� Majestic TV Series released in 2000.

Chiwa Saito in 009-1 TV Series released in 2006.

Augustina Seymour in Long Walk Home Film released in 2012.

Rachel (III) Shenton in The Last Dragon Hunter Film released in 2013.

Hanna Stanbridge in The Undoing Film released in 2015.

Carol Stanzione in Running Hard Film released in 1996.

Anna-Lena Strasse in Les conqu�rants Film released in 2013.

Aleesha Tapp in Black Mountain Film released in 2013.

Loren (III) Taylor in Existence Film released in 2012.

Minke Tettero in Novemberregen Video released in 2003.

Calypso The Cat in Grandad's Dead Film released in 2010.

Marysia Trembecka in Warrior Sisters Film released in 2004.

Heike Trinker in Ein Sommer in Island TV Film released in 2014.

Yumi T�ma in Dirty Pair Video released in 1989.

Yumi T�ma in D�ti pea TV Series released in 1985.

Dylan Bierk in Andromeda TV Series released in 2000.

Annelies van der Bie in Anderland Film released in 2003.

Britt van Marsenille in Cordon TV Series released in 2014.

Valerie Van Ost in Arthur of the Britons TV Series released in 1972.

Sarah Vandella in Werewolves in Heat Film released in 2015.

Georgina Verbaan in Adrenaline Film released in 2003.

Claire Waldron in The Legend of William Tell TV Series released in 1998.

Freya Ward-Lowery in Ryan's Choice Film released in 2015.

Natasha (I) Watson in River City TV Series released in 2002.

Norma West in Menace TV Series released in 1970.

Anna Wilding in The Second World Film released in 2008.

Lynne Wilmot in Ruth Rendell Mysteries TV Series released in 1987.

Anna Wilson-Jones in Randall & Hopkirk TV Series released in 0.

Katia Winter in Freya Film released in 2011.

Satoko Yamano in Seinto Seiya: Kamigami no atsuki tatakai Film released in 1988.

Josephine Butler in Sleep Film released in 2002.

Katrin B�hring in Zu dir? Film released in 2012.

Raffey Cassidy in Stepping Up TV Series released in 2012.

Pip Chapman in The Chase TV Series released in 2006.

Caroline Chikezie in �on Flux Film released in 2005.

Amber Crawford in Legend of the Red Reaper Film released in 2013.

Sabine Crossen in Predator Dark Ages Film released in 2015.

Jacquie Cumberlege in Sex Before Breakfast Film released in 2011.

Therese Damsgaard in Between the Gods Film released in 2016.

Rachel (XI) Davis in We Own the Sea Film released in 2015.

Rachel (XI) Davis in We Own the Sea: The Forbidden Portal Film released in 2016.

Adriana DeGirolami in Thor Film released in 2009.

Jennie Done in The Trip Film released in 2014.

Laura (III) Donnelly in Merlin TV Series released in 2008.

Joni Durian in The Hornet's Sting and the Hell It's Caused Video released in 2014.

�rla N� Eadhra in De�ir Shona Film released in 2012.

Georgina (II) Edwards in Gemini Film released in 2008.

Rita Estevanovich in Galore Film released in 2007.

Amaya Forch in University Film released in 2016.

Katarina Gellin in Mamma Ler i Skuffen Film released in 2015.

Gemma Gregory in Gypsy Girl TV Series released in 2001.

Jenn Griffin in Ignition Film released in 2002.

Jennifer (I) Hale in Marvel's Avengers Assemble TV Series released in 2013.

Louise Handford in MythQuest TV Series released in 2001.

Irene Handl in It Began in Brighton Film released in 1937.

Jacqui Holland in God of Thunder Film released in 2015.

Meredith Holland in Dark of Moon Video released in 2012.

Danika Go in Aether Film released in 2011.

Ashley Hawks in The Iron Gauntlet Film released in 2015.

Crystal (II) Bennett in Siren Film released in 2015.

Karin B�hring in Zu dir? Film released in 2012.

Samantha Ferry in Unlucky Actor Video released in 2011.

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Who played Freya Which actors played the role of Freya.

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