Who played the role of Gaines | Which actor played Gaines

The character of Gaines is played by Sarah (XIII) Armstrong in Halo: Nightfall TV Series released in 2014.

Melissa Pollard in Erased Film released in 2008.

Gregg Allman in Rush Film released in 1991.

David Girolmo in ER TV Series released in 1994.

Alfred Grant in The Well Film released in 1951.

Andrew Heckler in New York Undercover TV Series released in 1994.

Chuck (I) Hicks in Police Story TV Series released in 1973.

Russell (I) Johnson in Cry for Poor Wally Film released in 1969.

Art LaFleur in Wiseguy TV Series released in 1987.

Gordon Luck in No Hiding Place TV Series released in 1959.

Don Charles McGovern in The A-Team TV Series released in 1983.

Kirk Penberthy in Head of State Film released in 2003.

Joseph V. Perry in Wagon Train TV Series released in 1957.

Thomas (I) Riley in The Fight Film released in 1915.

Henry Rollins in Time Lapse Video released in 2001.

Steve (I) Rothman in Silk Stalkings TV Series released in 1991.

Bing Russell in Combat! TV Series released in 1962.

William Sanderson in Assassin's Fury Film released in 2015.

Frank Spidale in Among Thieves Video released in 2008.

Vic Tayback in Gunsmoke TV Series released in 1955.

John Vosper in Black Hills Ambush Film released in 1952.

Justin (I) Williams in U.S. Seals Video released in 2000.

James Biberi in White Collar TV Series released in 2009.

A.J. (I) Buckley in The District TV Series released in 2000.

Jack (I) Conley in The Art of War III: Retribution Video released in 2009.

Dee Cooper in Hunter TV Series released in 1984.

Steven (I) Culp in Spartan Film released in 2004.

Tony (I) Curran in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

Hondo Flemming in The Warden TV Film released in 2001.

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Who played Gaines Which actors played the role of Gaines.

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