Who played the role of Game Show Host | Which actor played Game Show Host

The character of Game Show Host is played by Moni Marie in Are You Smarter Than a Hot Dog? TV Series released in 2012.

Christine McGarrity in Wake-Up Callz Film released in 2008.

Jennipher (I) Foster in Beneath a Neon Tide Film released in 2012.

Ami Haruna in The Sea of Trees Film released in 2015.

Steve (I) Adams in Lathe of Heaven TV Film released in 2002.

Dominic (I) Allen in Silent Hill 2 Film released in 2001.

Larry (I) Anderson in Beverly Hills, 90210 TV Series released in 1990.

Louie (I) Anderson in Back by Midnight Film released in 2004.

Alan Angelo in Reel Adventures: Phenomenon Film released in 2010.

Nicholas M. Garofolo in The Dave Gold Show TV Series released in 1998.

Bob Goen in Wicked Stepmother Film released in 1989.

Kym Goldsworthy in Hey Dad..! TV Series released in 1987.

John Gomez Goodway in Chart Star Film released in 2013.

Elliott Gould in Busted Video released in 1997.

C. Taylor Graham in Quarter Life Crisis Film released in 2006.

Kin'ichi Hagimoto in The Bad News Bears Go to Japan Film released in 1978.

Phil (I) Hartman in Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child TV Series released in 1995.

Beau Hauser in The Night Doorman Film released in 2009.

Jonathan Holborn in The Owner of the Universe Film released in 2012.

Garrett Hoo in Left of Center Film released in 1997.

Nicholas Hormann in Call Me Anna TV Film released in 1990.

Sami Huri in Mandelbaum Balash Prati TV Series released in 2009.

Alphie Hyorth in The Long Road Film released in 2013.

Art James in Mallrats Film released in 1995.

Julian (I) in Broken English Video released in 1999.

Joseph Jurecki in MovieMania Video released in 2004.

Hiro Kanagawa in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Gregor Kartsios in Play! TV Series released in 2010.

Steve (I) Kelley in Destroyer Film released in 1988.

Steve Kellogg in Queen City Film released in 2013.

Mel (I) Kohl in Skylar Grey: Get Lucky Video released in 2013.

Kaidy Kuna in Blackhat Film released in 2015.

Colin (II) Lane in Wil Film released in 2006.

John (I) Lantz in The Cosby Show TV Series released in 1984.

Dave Lifshin in Broken Program TV Series released in 2012.

Rick Lite in The Legend of Hip Hop Film released in 2016.

Eduardo Losan in Exposure Therapy Film released in 2015.

Allen Ludden in Futureworld Film released in 1976.

Lawrence Maki in Vice Academy 5 Film released in 1996.

Stuart Mansell in Est TV Series released in 2002.

Peter (I) Marshall in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch TV Series released in 1996.

Tony (III) Martin in The Librarians TV Series released in 2007.

Patrick (I) McKenna in Puppets Who Kill TV Series released in 2002.

William McMichael in Trip Back Forward Film released in 2011.

Oded Menashe in Sabri Maranan TV Series released in 2011.

Dick (I) Miller in Game Show Models Film released in 1977.

Maximiliano Miranda in What Not to Wear TV Series released in 2003.

Garry (I) Moore in Haack ...The King of Techno Film released in 2004.

Assaf Ashtar in Shemesh TV Series released in 1997.

Stuart C. Bailey in If... Dog... Rabbit Film released in 1999.

Matt (VII) Baker in A Good Funeral Film released in 2009.

Matt (VII) Baker in A Good Funeral Film released in 2010.

John (II) Barbour in Sanford and Son TV Series released in 1972.

Steve (II) Barnes in Road Rules TV Series released in 1995.

Seth Bauer in On Your Mark Film released in 2008.

Thierry Beccaro in L'app�t Film released in 1995.

Andrew (I) Bellamy in Night Club Film released in 2011.

Nicholas Parsons in World in Action TV Series released in 1963.

Rick Podell in CHiPs TV Series released in 1977.

Silvio Pollio in Hostile Makeover TV Film released in 2009.

Yorgos Polychroniou in I zoi enamisy hiliariko Film released in 1995.

Michael (XXI) Potter in Your Day Is Gonna Come Film released in 2013.

Carl Reiner in The Dick Van Dyke Show TV Series released in 1961.

Willie Revillame in Engkwentro Film released in 2009.

Andy (I) Richter in If I Had Known I Was a Genius Film released in 2007.

Paul (II) Ryan in High Strung Film released in 1991.

Rog�rio Samora in Ad�o e Eva Film released in 1995.

David (I) Schroeder in Slut Film released in 2014.

Doug Shapiro in Vegucated Film released in 2011.

Christian (I) Slater in Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Film released in 2015.

Adam Thomas (I) Smith in Benny's Money Film released in 2014.

Gregory Snegoff in Endgame - Bronx lotta finale Film released in 1983.

Joel (I) Spence in The Worst Year of My Life Film released in 2015.

Tom Stoviak in Greg & Donny TV Series released in 2011.

Rhys (I) Thomas in Eyes Down TV Series released in 2003.

Dick Van Patten in For Goodness Sake II Film released in 1996.

George (II) Wallace in Moesha TV Series released in 1996.

Patrick Warburton in Who Rules? The Game Film released in 2005.

Richard (II) Waring in The New Adventures of Charlie Chan TV Series released in 1957.

Matt Weinhold in The Weird Al Show TV Series released in 1997.

Lee Wells Jr. in Lost in Transit: The Junkyard Willie Movie Film released in 2007.

Phillip Wilburn in The Adventures of Chadwick Periwinkle TV Series released in 2011.

Barry (I) Williams in A.N.T. Farm TV Series released in 2011.

Dale Winton in Trainspotting Film released in 1996.

John J. York in Wizards of Waverly Place TV Series released in 2007.

Steve Blacknell in Martians Go Home Film released in 1989.

Jim (I) Bowen in Cinderella: The Shoe Must Go On TV Film released in 1986.

Mark (I) Brandon in Kingdom Hospital TV Series released in 2004.

Bruce (III) Brown in The Sex O'Clock News Film released in 1985.

Chris (VI) Burns in Carl Film released in 2009.

Curt Chaplin in Pulp Comics: Caroline Rhea TV Film released in 1999.

Arnold Chun in The Amazing Race TV Series released in 2001.

Samuel Douglas Clark in A Reluctant Bride Film released in 2010.

Anand (II) Clique in Millionaire Slumdog Video released in 2009.

Ray (I) Combs in Vampire in Brooklyn Film released in 1995.

Gerry (I) Connolly in Acropolis Now TV Series released in 1989.

Bill (VI) Cook in 2001: A Skate Odyssey Video released in 2001.

Bryan (II) Cooper in Mock-Notz... a Comedic Freak Show Film released in 1997.

Walter Cox in Horror Haiku TV Series released in 2013.

Jon (II) Cross in Chicknapping Video released in 2006.

James Michael Detmar in Clarissa Explains It All TV Series released in 1991.

Paul (I) Dunphy in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show TV Series released in 1997.

Geoff (I) Edwards in Drive Film released in 1997.

Mike Falkow in You Too Could Be a Winner! Film released in 2001.

Rich Fields in The War at Home TV Series released in 2005.

Kirk Fox in Paris Hilton's My New BFF TV Series released in 2008.

Ted Friend in The Chris Isaak Show TV Series released in 2001.

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