Who played the role of Grossman | Which actor played Grossman

The character of Grossman is played by Joel Garber in Perverted Virtue Film released in 2014.

Nickolas Grace in Max Headroom TV Film released in 1985.

Bernie Landis in The Untouchables TV Series released in 1993.

Philippe (I) Leroy in Nikita Film released in 1990.

Micah (I) Lewensohn in Hearat Shulayim Film released in 2011.

Paul Linke in CHiPs '99 TV Film released in 1998.

J.C. MacKenzie in The Day the Earth Stood Still Film released in 2008.

Hrothgar Mathews in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Serge Merlin in Le testament d'un po�te juif assassin� Film released in 1988.

Michael (I) Monks in Malcolm in the Middle TV Series released in 2000.

Moni Moshonov in The Pitch Film released in 2011.

G.W. Bailey in Fine Things TV Film released in 1990.

Waldemar Nowak in Wydzial Zab�jstw TV Series released in 2008.

Gerald S. O'Loughlin in Riot Film released in 1969.

Mike (I) Reynolds in Nikita Film released in 1990.

Patrick Shane in Jokes Film released in 2015.

Rafael Sim�n in El juego sin reglas Film released in 1999.

David Tress in California Myth Film released in 1999.

George Ulmeni in Train de vie Film released in 1998.

Sid Wilner in (500) Days of Summer Film released in 2009.

Theodore Bikel in Studio One TV Series released in 1948.

Rolf Brin in Ha-Bayit Berechov Chelouche Film released in 1973.

Alex Bruhanski in The Sentinel TV Series released in 1996.

Nathan (I) Davis in Thief Film released in 1981.

Michael (I) Fox in 87th Precinct TV Series released in 1961.

Claude Furlan in Albert Einstein TV Film released in 1972.

Peter Furman in Alley Cat Film released in 1984.

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Who played Grossman Which actors played the role of Grossman.

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