Who played the role of Gruber | Which actor played Gruber

The character of Gruber is played by Kimberly (II) Kane in This Ain't Die Hard XXX Video released in 2013.

Jimmy Amilon in Jakten Med Familjen Film released in 2008.

Dirk Galuba in Krimistunde TV Series released in 1982.

Axel Ganz in Les cerfs-volants TV Series released in 1984.

Gerhard Garbers in Mein Freund, der Bulle TV Film released in 1998.

Joseph J. Greene in Official Detective TV Series released in 1957.

Max Grie�er in Der Nothelfer TV Film released in 1976.

Fernand Guiot in Les givr�s Film released in 1979.

Fernand Guiot in Salut les coquins TV Film released in 1991.

Robert H. Harris in Medical Center TV Series released in 1969.

Erik (I) Holland in The Magician TV Series released in 1973.

Vincent Hury in Le gu�pier Film released in 1976.

Gert H�nsch in Die lieben Mitmenschen TV Series released in 1972.

Franz (I) H�user in Der Kommissar TV Series released in 1969.

L�szl� Inke in Krebsz, az isten Film released in 1969.

P. Walter Jacob in Altersheim TV Film released in 1972.

Michael (I) James in The Flash TV Series released in 1990.

Peter Jecklin in Havarie TV Film released in 2006.

Richard (I) Jenkins in Sea of Love Film released in 1989.

Norman Jolley in Two-Gun Lady Film released in 1955.

G�nter Junghans in Wolffs Revier TV Series released in 1992.

Emil Karewicz in Droga daleka przed nami... Film released in 1980.

Milan Knazko in Posledn� mot�l Film released in 1991.

Geoff L'Cise in The Avengers TV Series released in 1961.

Juan Antonio Llanes in The Honorary Consul Film released in 1983.

William Lucking in The Name of the Game TV Series released in 1968.

Frank Mail in Fuerza mortal Film released in 1980.

Jean-Pierre Marichal in � quelques jours pr�s Film released in 1969.

Derek (II) Martin in Private Schulz TV Series released in 1981.

Max (III) Mayer in Wie Schnee hinter Glas Film released in 2004.

Grayson McCouch in Armageddon Film released in 1998.

Jean Mermet in Les brigades du Tigre TV Series released in 1974.

Michael T. Mikler in 12 O'Clock High TV Series released in 1964.

Willy Millowitsch in Heubodengefl�ster Film released in 1967.

Patrick Monckeberg in Bonekickers TV Series released in 2008.

Fritz Muliar in Der Kommissar TV Series released in 1969.

Jaco Muller in Angel of the Skies Film released in 2013.

G�bor M�di Szab� in Valahol Magyarorsz�gon Film released in 1987.

Val Avery in McCloud TV Series released in 1970.

Vladimir Bacic in Romansa konjokradice Film released in 1971.

Bill Orsini in Superboy TV Series released in 1988.

Steve Plytas in White Hunter TV Series released in 1957.

Piotr Polk in Docteur Semmelweis TV Film released in 1995.

Anton Rattinger in Sommersturm Film released in 2004.

Michael James Reed in Saracen TV Series released in 1989.

Charles (II) Rees in Maik�fer flieg... TV Film released in 1982.

Richard (I) Reeves in Frontier Circus TV Series released in 1961.

Otto Reichow in Paris Calling Film released in 1941.

Lionel Rocheman in Paroles et musique Film released in 1984.

Manuel Rubey in Gruber geht Film released in 2015.

Jonathan Sale in Law & Order: Criminal Intent TV Series released in 2001.

Udo Schenk in Alarm f�r Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei TV Series released in 1996.

Viktor Schenkel in Einmal leben TV Film released in 2000.

Frederick Schiller in Who Done It? Film released in 1956.

Markus Schleinzer in Schwarzfahrer TV Film released in 1997.

Willy Schultes in Alarm in den Bergen TV Series released in 1965.

Jir� Maria Sieber in EuroTrip Film released in 2004.

K�re Sigurdson in Kuriren TV Series released in 1988.

Nace Smolej in Marija TV Series released in 1977.

Ernst Specht in Tatort TV Series released in 1970.

Michael (I) Standing in Aftershock Film released in 1989.

Todd Stashwick in L.A.X. Film released in 2002.

Danton Stone in McHale's Navy Film released in 1997.

Gilchrist Stuart in The Wild Wild West TV Series released in 1965.

Akio Suyama in PaRappa rappa TV Series released in 2001.

�rp�d (I) Szab� in N.N. a hal�l angyala Film released in 1970.

Istv�n Szatm�ri in Fekete gy�m�ntok Film released in 1976.

Hank Underwood in Salvage 1 TV Series released in 1979.

Franz Viehmann in Paulas Schuld TV Film released in 2001.

Patrick von Blume in Wholetrain Film released in 2006.

Ivan (II) Vyskocil in Policajti z predmest� TV Series released in 1999.

Milos (I) V�vra in Pr�zrak TV Film released in 1987.

Grzegorz Warchol in Skazany na bluesa Film released in 2005.

Frank (I) Watkins in Up Periscope Film released in 1959.

Ralf Weikinger in Verbrechen, die Geschichte machten TV Series released in 1995.

Gustl Weishappel in Rommel ruft Kairo Film released in 1959.

Ian (I) Wolfe in The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm Film released in 1962.

Bob (II) Woodward in Have Gun - Will Travel TV Series released in 1957.

Marquard Bohm in Angst essen Seele auf Film released in 1974.

Frank (I) Bonner in Nichols TV Series released in 1971.

Michael Brandner in Der Ku� des Killers TV Film released in 1998.

Tim (I) Brunner in Tom und Hacke Film released in 2012.

Patrick Brymer in Night Heat TV Series released in 1985.

Bill Catching in Macho Callahan Film released in 1970.

Jacques Collard in The Ninth Gate Film released in 1999.

James (I) Cornell in Appointment with Danger Film released in 1951.

Gustl Datz in Lina Braake Film released in 1975.

Nigel Davenport in The Last Valley Film released in 1971.

John (I) Davidson in Captain America Film released in 1944.

Sergio Di Giulio in Un passo dal cielo TV Series released in 2011.

John Dierkes in The Naked Jungle Film released in 1954.

Carlo Duran in Mark il poliziotto Film released in 1975.

Peter Eberst in Hangtime - Kein leichtes Spiel Film released in 2009.

Luke Eikens in Division III: Football's Finest Film released in 2011.

Gerhard Ernst in Kommissar Rex TV Series released in 1994.

Gerhard Ernst in Schlo�hotel Orth TV Series released in 1996.

Sam Flint in The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp TV Series released in 1955.

David Gabison in Un �t� alsacien TV Film released in 1991.

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