Who played the role of Grumpy | Which actor played Grumpy

The character of Grumpy is played by Sheila Ochoa in Down for Life Film released in 2009.

Ruth Donnelly in Personal Secretary Film released in 1938.

Mary Pat Gleason in Ophelia Film released in 2015.

Stanley (I) Adams in The Errand Boy Film released in 1961.

Steve (XXX) Adams in First Day Detective: Episode Seven Film released in 2013.

Steven (I) Aguilar in Operation Repo: The Movie Film released in 2009.

Lee Arenberg in Once Upon a Time TV Series released in 2011.

Ed Gale in A mi amor mi dulce Film released in 2003.

Danny Goldring in The Dark Knight Film released in 2008.

Mike Hales in Coping Film released in 2002.

Roddy Hughes in Mystery on Bird Island Film released in 1954.

William (II) Huntley in Enchanted Film released in 2007.

Matthew Korahais in Coffee Time Film released in 2007.

Maurice LaMarche in The 7D TV Series released in 2014.

Jose Licea in La Vida Loca: Based on a True Story Film released in 2012.

Billy Lonergan in Play On Film released in 2010.

Terry (II) McHugh in Happily Ever After? Film released in 2015.

Fayaz Nathalia in Fabletown Film released in 2015.

Bob Bannon in Diane Film released in 2015.

Mike Palatnik in Dan and Edna TV Series released in 1970.

Mikey Post in Intervention: Cinderella Film released in 2011.

Robin (III) Riley in Sweet and Sour TV Series released in 1984.

Michael (I) Rivera in Blue Bloods TV Series released in 2010.

Theodore (I) Roberts in Grumpy Film released in 1923.

Alfred Sczczot in In weiter Ferne, so nah! Film released in 1993.

Chris (XXII) Turner in The Night Shift Film released in 2011.

Robin Van Sharner in Vanilla Sky Film released in 2001.

Michael (II) Villar in WS Film released in 2013.

Corey (I) Burton in The Lion King 1� Video released in 2004.

Spencer Charters in Postal Inspector Film released in 1936.

Lane (I) Ellis in Breaking Glass Film released in 2015.

Benny Freigh in Snow White Live TV Film released in 1980.

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Who played Grumpy Which actors played the role of Grumpy.

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