Who played the role of Hackett | Which actor played Hackett

The character of Hackett is played by Kathleen (I) Nolan in The Incredible Hulk TV Series released in 1978.

Mary Woronov in Bad Georgia Road Film released in 1977.

Olwen Brookes in Blonde Bait Film released in 1956.

Chris Alcaide in Death Valley Days TV Series released in 1952.

Kevin Golsby in Hector's Bunyip TV Film released in 1986.

Chris (III) Hackett in B.I.K.E. Film released in 2006.

Kuni Hashimoto in The Tender Hook Film released in 2008.

Chad Hoeppner in Cornfield Film released in 2011.

John (I) Hubbard in The Whistler TV Series released in 1954.

Edward Keane in Behind the Evidence Film released in 1935.

Rodney (III) Lewis in Cleveland in My Dreams Film released in 2005.

J. Farrell MacDonald in South Sea Rose Film released in 1929.

Frank (I) Maxwell in The Millionaire TV Series released in 1955.

Sean (I) McClory in Anne of the Indies Film released in 1951.

Benny (II) Medina in The Fitzpatricks TV Series released in 1977.

Boyd 'Red' Morgan in The Revolt of Mamie Stover Film released in 1956.

Patrick Mower in A Matter of Time Video released in 2007.

Michael (II) Neil in Miami Vice TV Series released in 1984.

Hooper Atchley in Roarin' Lead Film released in 1936.

Henry Paxton in Lloyd of the C.I.D. Film released in 1932.

Denver Pyle in The Adventures of Kit Carson TV Series released in 1951.

Hari Rhodes in The Runaways TV Series released in 1978.

Terence Rigby in The Dogs of War Film released in 1980.

Benjamin (III) Roy in The Hero Film released in 2003.

Tim (II) Ruddy in Ballykissangel TV Series released in 1996.

Maxwell Shaw in The Oblong Box Film released in 1969.

Gerald Sim in Dr. Phibes Rises Again Film released in 1972.

Mike (I) Starr in Nasty Hero TV Film released in 1987.

William Talman in The Man Is Armed Film released in 1956.

Lee Van Cleef in The Sheriff of Cochise TV Series released in 1956.

Hannes Veivo in 'Herra ja ylh�isyys' Film released in 1944.

Stephen (I) Walters in Dracula TV Series released in 2013.

Kenneth Welsh in The House on Carroll Street Film released in 1988.

Robert J. Wilke in Man Without a Gun TV Series released in 1957.

John Zaremba in The F.B.I. TV Series released in 1965.

Ross Benjamin in Inversion Film released in 2010.

Robert Berri in D�lit de fuite Film released in 1959.

James Bree in Spindoe TV Series released in 1967.

West Buchanan in Notturno Film released in 1983.

Charles Burks in Rappin-n-Rhyming Film released in 2002.

David (I) Burns in St. Martin's Lane Film released in 1938.

John (I) Crawford in Union Station Film released in 1950.

Joseph Dewey in P.O.V Film released in 2014.

Larry (I) Drake in A Nero Wolfe Mystery TV Series released in 2000.

Lawrence Robert Duff in Geddon Video released in 2000.

Frank (I) Ferguson in Wide Country TV Series released in 1962.

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Who played Hackett Which actors played the role of Hackett.

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