Who played the role of Hardy | Which actor played Hardy

The character of Hardy is played by Kweli Leapart in For Real Film released in 2003.

Rowena Sumner in Swine Film released in 2012.

Sita Young in The Go-Getter Film released in 2007.

Jayne Eastwood in Performance TV Series released in 1974.

Conny Fa� in Grundlos Film released in 2016.

Peggy Gormley in Law & Order TV Series released in 1990.

Patrick J. Adams in Pretty Little Liars TV Series released in 2010.

Lawrence Ah Mon in Yit huet jui keung Film released in 1997.

Philip Akin in The Park Is Mine TV Film released in 1985.

Claude Akins in City Detective TV Series released in 1953.

Erville Alderson in The Bad Man Film released in 1930.

Frank Gerstle in Jefferson Drum TV Series released in 1958.

Alan Gilchrist in Jackson: My Life... Your Fault Film released in 1996.

Matthew Goldsby in Student Bodies Film released in 1981.

Hajji Golightly in If Loving You Is Wrong TV Series released in 2014.

Christeon (I) Gordon in Personals II: CasualSex.com Video released in 2001.

Pascal Greggory in Lucie Aubrac Film released in 1997.

Cole (I) Griffin in Hardy Film released in 2013.

Oscar Gubelman in Happy Birthday Film released in 2011.

Pierre (I) G�rard in Les jupons de la r�volution TV Series released in 1989.

Stefan Hajek in Heart of the Country Film released in 2013.

Richard (II) Hale in The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters TV Series released in 1963.

Heinrich Hambitzer in Ein Fall f�r zwei TV Series released in 1981.

Ernst Hannawald in L�wengrube TV Series released in 1989.

Lumsden Hare in The Imperfect Lady Film released in 1947.

Dorian (I) Harewood in Shattered Image TV Film released in 1994.

Gordon Harker in Left Right and Centre Film released in 1959.

Raimund Harmstorf in Losberg TV Series released in 1986.

John (I) Hawkes in Sand Film released in 2000.

Johnny Hines in Society Doctor Film released in 1935.

Clayton (I) Hoff in Thrillzone TV Series released in 2014.

Jack (I) Hogan in Switch TV Series released in 1975.

Robert Homans in Hell's Kitchen Film released in 1939.

Charles (I) Horvath in Chief Crazy Horse Film released in 1955.

Colin (I) Hughes in The Link Men TV Series released in 1970.

Jonnie Hurn in Black Smoke Rising Film released in 2012.

Andrew (LIV) James in Sitting on Babies Film released in 2014.

I. Stanford Jolley in Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe TV Series released in 1953.

Igor Kalinitschenko in Wie verf�hr' ich meinen Ehemann TV Film released in 2007.

Emmanuel Karsen in Commissaire Moulin TV Series released in 1976.

Charles Kemper in Film Tactics Film released in 1945.

Jay (I) Kerr in East Meets West Film released in 1995.

Kevin (II) Leigh in Battery Acid Film released in 2012.

Gregory Leiker in Terminator Salvation Film released in 2009.

David (III) Lewis in Riverboat TV Series released in 1959.

Stefan Lisewski in Das hat mit Liebe nichts zu tun TV Film released in 1962.

Will (I) Long in Beulah Land TV Series released in 1980.

Karl Lukas in Gunsmoke TV Series released in 1955.

Jim (XIII) Lynch in Turkles Film released in 2011.

Ferris M.C. in Blockbustaz TV Series released in 2014.

Moore Marriott in Confessions Film released in 1925.

Jim (I) Mason in Chicago After Midnight Film released in 1928.

Hedley Mattingly in I Spy TV Series released in 1965.

Michael (XXVI) McCarthy in Division 4 TV Series released in 1969.

Ed McCready in Doc Elliot TV Series released in 1973.

Malcolm McGeachy in Screen Two TV Series released in 1985.

Don Megowan in Gunsmoke TV Series released in 1955.

Ralph Michael in The Cheaters TV Series released in 1960.

Leonardo Mill�n in Bare Exposure Film released in 1993.

Robert (I) Moloney in Intelligence TV Series released in 2005.

Charlie (I) Nelson in Boulevard du Palais TV Series released in 1999.

Dan Astileanu in The Prophecy: Uprising Video released in 2005.

Bryan Barter in Duke Film released in 2013.

Peter Belli in Taxa TV Series released in 1997.

James (I) O'Sullivan in The Fall Guy TV Series released in 1981.

Wheeler Oakman in Trails of the Wild Film released in 1935.

Vinay Pathak in Midnight's Children Film released in 2012.

Jon Lee Pellet in Fallen Soldiers Film released in 2015.

David Pfitzner in Mission Top Secret TV Series released in 1994.

Thomas (IV) Piper in Zwei wie wir... und die Eltern wissen von nichts Film released in 1966.

Sady Rebbot in Un homme de trop Film released in 1967.

John (I) Rees in Doctor Who TV Series released in 1963.

Anton Rodgers in Carry on Jack Film released in 1963.

Geoffrey Rose in Frank Stubbs Promotes TV Series released in 1993.

Henry (I) Rowland in Rebel City Film released in 1953.

Claude-Oliver Rudolph in Die Angst in meinem Herzen TV Film released in 1999.

Michael Meir Saltzman in Amateur Hour Film released in 2011.

Hardy Schwetter in Meine Daten und ich Video released in 2009.

Erik Sch�ffler in Art Girls Film released in 2013.

Rudolf Sch�ndler in Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse Film released in 1933.

T.J. (I) Scott in Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV Series released in 1985.

James Seay in The Cisco Kid TV Series released in 1950.

John Seitz in Forced March Film released in 1989.

Derek Sellers in Married with Children TV Series released in 1987.

Martin Semmelrogge in Aus heiterem Himmel TV Series released in 1995.

Milburn Shelton in Death Valley Days TV Series released in 1952.

J.N. Spence in The Old Sin Film released in 1915.

Jonathan Stanton in Web Atlas TV Series released in 2015.

Richard (I) Stride in Fish and Chips Film released in 2009.

Neil (I) Summers in Wanted: Dead or Alive Film released in 1987.

Brandon Sutton in Rules of Engagement TV Series released in 2014.

Kike Teruel in La traves�a imaginaria Film released in 1996.

Ian Tolmie in Captain Butler TV Series released in 1997.

John (I) Travolta in Basic Film released in 2003.

Henning Vosskamp in Sprungbrett TV Series released in 1972.

Sven-�ke Wahlstr�m in Det var en m�rk och stormig natt Film released in 1995.

Eddy Waller in Call the Mesquiteers Film released in 1938.

M. Emmet Walsh in Brotherhood of the Rose TV Series released in 1989.

Guntbert Warns in Scissu Film released in 2009.

Guntbert Warns in Sie und Er TV Film released in 1992.

Richard Wattis in Danger Man TV Series released in 1960.

Peter (I) Welch in Evidence in Concrete Film released in 1960.

Bill (I) Welsh in Storm Warning Film released in 1951.

Edgar Wenzel in Sch�ler-Report Film released in 1971.

Darrin Wheaton in The Secret of Lost Creek TV Series released in 1992.

George A. Williams in The Wrong Door Film released in 1916.

Mark (I) Wilson in Edison: The Wizard of Light TV Film released in 1998.

Hardy Winburn in Tunnels of Love Film released in 2011.

Scott (I) Wolf in Santa Monica Boulevard Film released in 2001.

Howard (I) Wright in The Twilight Zone TV Series released in 1959.

Oliver Zabel in Ouzo, Stoff und Taschent�cher Film released in 2006.

Fred Bianconi in Les duettistes: Le m�me TV Film released in 2001.

Robert Biheller in Lancer TV Series released in 1968.

Philip Bowen in Napoleon and Josephine: A Love Story TV Series released in 1987.

Lane Bradford in African Treasure Film released in 1952.

Lane Bradford in Annie Oakley TV Series released in 1954.

Gerdy Zint in Glutnester Film released in 2015.

Hanns Zischler in Milan noir Film released in 1988.

Mitch (I) Brown in The Cowboys TV Series released in 1974.

Robert (I) Brubaker in Hennesey TV Series released in 1959.

Forrest Burns in Mackenzie's Raiders TV Series released in 1958.

Richard (I) Burrell in Suspense TV Series released in 1962.

Anwar Burton in Boston Public TV Series released in 2000.

Webster Campbell in Her Partner Film released in 1916.

David Cardy in Hazell TV Series released in 1978.

Claude Cave in The Cool World Film released in 1963.

Ying Choi Cheung in San chat bye mooi 2 Film released in 2003.

Tom Coltraine in Bony TV Series released in 1992.

Trevor (I) Cooper in Drowning by Numbers Film released in 1988.

James (I) Coyle in Ascendancy Film released in 1983.

Karl-Josef Cramer in �berfall in Glasgow TV Film released in 1981.

Larry Culkin in The Institute of S�ance Film released in 2009.

Marc (I) Davis in The Phantom TV Film released in 1961.

Ross (II) Destiche in Death to Prom Film released in 2014.

King Donovan in Schlitz Playhouse of Stars TV Series released in 1951.

Joshua Eber in The Promotion Film released in 2008.

David James Elliott in The Campbells TV Series released in 1986.

Mirko Ellis in Segretissimo Film released in 1967.

Frank (I) Evans in Beyond the Wall Film released in 1916.

Jonathan Fahn in Ch�jik� seiki �gasu TV Series released in 1983.

Martin Feifel in Doppelter Einsatz TV Series released in 1994.

Kristo Ferkic in F�nf Freunde 2 Film released in 2013.

Ren� Fert� in Le testament du Dr. Mabuse Film released in 1933.

Peter (I) Firth in Tales of the Unexpected TV Series released in 1979.

Oliver Ford Davies in Jamie TV Series released in 1971.

Ross Ford in The Adventures of Mark Twain Film released in 1944.

Piet (II) Fuchs in Hirsch! Film released in 2011.

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