Who played the role of Hob | Which actor played Hob

The character of Hob is played by Nicole Kruex in The Pact: Hob's Horn Film released in 2010.

Rita Conte in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Film released in 2013.

David (I) Gillies in Blakes 7 TV Series released in 1978.

Mackenzie Gray in Once Upon a Time TV Series released in 2011.

Joseph (I) Greig in The Borderers TV Series released in 1968.

Ioan Gruffudd in Very Annie Mary Film released in 2001.

Barry Jaynes in Lights Out Rowan Film released in 2012.

Malachy McCourt in The January Man Film released in 1989.

Tim McInnerny in Black Death Film released in 2010.

Troy (II) Baker in Fable III Film released in 2010.

Liam (V) O'Brien in Fable III Film released in 2010.

Christopher Privette in Hob's End Film released in 2015.

Colin Prockter in The Borderers TV Series released in 1968.

Hans Sch�del in Ein B�r f�r alle F�lle TV Film released in 1998.

Ron (V) Cook in The Stars Look Down TV Series released in 1974.

Gabriel Damon in RoboCop 2 Film released in 1990.

Les (I) Dennis in Things Talk TV Film released in 2009.

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Who played Hob Which actors played the role of Hob.

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