Who played the role of Hrothgar | Which actor played Hrothgar

The character of Hrothgar is played by Anthony (I) Hopkins in Beowulf Film released in 2007.

John Hurt in Outlander Film released in 2008.

William Hurt in Beowulf TV Series released in 2016.

Michael (I) Keenan in Star Trek: Voyager TV Series released in 1995.

John (I) Leigh in Xena: Warrior Princess TV Series released in 1995.

Gary (III) Lewis in Eragon Film released in 2006.

Hrothgar Mathews in Fathers & Sons Film released in 2010.

Travis Rose in The Vault Film released in 2011.

Stellan Skarsg�rd in Beowulf & Grendel Film released in 2005.

Timothy (I) West in Animated Epics: Beowulf TV Film released in 1998.

Geraint Wyn Davies in Eragon Film released in 2006.

James Cosmo in The Last Legion Film released in 2007.

Oliver (I) Cotton in Beowulf Film released in 1999.

Dan Eggleston in Blade of the King Concept Film Film released in 2005.

Paul Eisenman in Beowulf: Prince of the Geats Film released in 2007.

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Who played Hrothgar Which actors played the role of Hrothgar.

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