Who played the role of Ion | Which actor played Ion

The character of Ion is played by Rei Sakuma in Shounen Santa no daib�ken TV Series released in 1994.

Joseba Apaolaza in S�, quiero... Film released in 1999.

Ion Arretxe in Tiro en la cabeza Film released in 2008.

Daniel Giurcareanu in Garcea si oltenii Film released in 2001.

Nae Grigorescu in Otelul razbuna Film released in 1913.

William Hope in X3: Reunion Film released in 2005.

Viktor Ignat in Gde ty, lyubov? Film released in 1981.

Serban (I) Ionescu in Ion: Blestemul pam�ntului, blestemul iubirii Film released in 1981.

Serban (I) Ionescu in Maria Film released in 2003.

Josh Kalender in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Anthony (II) Kemp in Cataclysmo and the Battle for Earth Film released in 2008.

Constantine Markoulakis in Thysia TV Series released in 1991.

Valeriu Motoc in Evadarea Film released in 2015.

Ion (II) Badescu in The Missing Film released in 2014.

Stefan Banica Jr. in Ho Ho Ho Film released in 2009.

Nikos Nikas in 10i entoli TV Series released in 2004.

Dragos Olaru in Caldura Mare Film released in 2012.

Sean Pertwee in Deadly Voyage TV Film released in 1996.

Jeremy (I) Peters in The Origin Film released in 2012.

Cristian (III) Popa in Proiecte de trecut Film released in 2015.

Alexandru Potocean in Bora Bora Film released in 2011.

Victor Rebengiuc in Medalia de onoare Film released in 2009.

Alejandro (I) Rey in The Lloyd Bridges Show TV Series released in 1962.

Pablo (I) Rivero in Villa tranquila Film released in 2007.

Ion Ruscut in Morgen Film released in 2010.

Ion Rusu in Sink Film released in 2012.

Aurelian Soare in Ho Ho Ho 2: O loterie de familie Film released in 2012.

Max Tidof in Kein Mann f�r eine Nacht TV Film released in 1998.

Sergiu Voloc in Sasa, Grisa si Ion Film released in 2006.

Ned Vukovic in Relic Hunter TV Series released in 1999.

Marek (I) Wlodarczyk in Was nicht passt wird passend gemacht - Die Serie TV Series released in 2003.

Stephen Billington in The Prophecy: Uprising Video released in 2005.

Marius Bodochi in Fratii Film released in 2012.

Schafer Bourne in Honor Your Revenge Film released in 2011.

Marius Capota in Caved In TV Film released in 2006.

Marius Chivu in Un acoperis deasupra capului Film released in 2006.

Aurel Cioranu in Pacala Film released in 1974.

Teodor Corban in Francesca Film released in 2009.

Allan Corduner in Nobody's Children TV Film released in 1994.

Ovidiu Crisan in Despre oameni si melci Film released in 2012.

Joaqu�n Daniel in Extrav�o Film released in 2011.

Ion Davidov in More Lukas' Stories Video released in 2002.

Mihai Dorobantu in Pioneers' Palace Film released in 2015.

Dumitru Dumitru in Mamaia Film released in 2013.

Xabier Elorriaga in La fuga de Segovia Film released in 1981.

Benno Frevert in Der Clown TV Series released in 1998.

Jun Fukuyama in To Film released in 2009.

Dumitru Fusu in Kogda uletayut aisty Film released in 1965.

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