Who played the role of Irv | Which actor played Irv

The character of Irv is played by John Achorn in Quantum Leap TV Series released in 1989.

Frank Anello in Beautiful Girls Film released in 1996.

Dick Galloway in Meet the Parents Film released in 1992.

Ted Gehring in Richie Brockelman: The Missing 24 Hours TV Film released in 1976.

Steven Gilborn in Out of Practice TV Series released in 2005.

Ralph F. Goodin in Inner Reflection Film released in 2011.

Elliott Gould in I'm Not Dead Yet TV Film released in 2012.

Brad Grunberg in House M.D. TV Series released in 2004.

Sherman Hemsley in Me and the Boys TV Series released in 1994.

David Anthony Hernandez in Irv and Barb Film released in 2009.

Don Hodge in Classical Romance Film released in 1984.

John (I) Holmes in Treasure Box Video released in 1985.

David S. Howard in Moonstruck Film released in 1987.

Greg (II) Jackson in What Alice Found Film released in 2003.

Ray Ray Jay Jr. in Sexual Intrigue Video released in 2000.

Arte Johnson in The Twilight Zone TV Series released in 1959.

Marvin (I) Kaplan in 1st & Ten TV Series released in 1984.

Tim Kazurinsky in Still Standing TV Series released in 2002.

Lance Kinsey in Loaded Weapon 1 Film released in 1993.

James (I) Kirkland in Almost Funny TV Film released in 2005.

Jackson Kuehn in Baby Let's Play House Film released in 2008.

Paul (I) Lambert in All the Loving Couples Film released in 1969.

Bob Larkin in Private Practice TV Series released in 2007.

Michael Laskin in The Grifters Film released in 1990.

Gary Lazer in Minor Adjustments TV Series released in 1995.

Floyd Levine in Kaz TV Series released in 1978.

Hank Lindsley in Scrubs TV Series released in 2001.

Robert (I) Lynn in Lux Video Theatre TV Series released in 1950.

Stuart Margolin in Ben Casey TV Series released in 1961.

Pierrino Mascarino in Joe Bash TV Series released in 1986.

Gerald McRaney in The Rockford Files TV Series released in 1974.

Robert (I) Moloney in The Immortal TV Series released in 2000.

Steve (I) Monroe in Chuck TV Series released in 2007.

Lilton Moore Jr. in The Biggest Pygmy Film released in 2012.

Marc Moran in The Rabbi's Toast Film released in 2014.

Victor (I) Morris in Grimm TV Series released in 2011.

Thomas (I) Murphy in Webster TV Series released in 1983.

Anthony Naylor in Astonished Film released in 1990.

Kevin Nealon in Small Time Film released in 2014.

Tim Bagley in The Mask Film released in 1994.

Benny Baker in Whirlybirds TV Series released in 1957.

Brian Beacock in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation TV Series released in 2000.

Paul Pompian in Street Girls Film released in 1975.

John (I) Randolph in Doctors' Private Lives TV Film released in 1978.

James (II) Ray in Not in Front of the Children TV Film released in 1982.

Carl Reiner in American Dad! TV Series released in 2005.

Matt (I) Roe in Love and Betrayal TV Film released in 1989.

Michael (V) Rogers in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

Hank Rolike in Quincy M.E. TV Series released in 1976.

Walter Sande in Sing for Your Supper Film released in 1941.

Al Scheckwitz in The O.C. TV Series released in 2003.

Milton Selzer in Last Resort Film released in 1994.

Siver Serumgard in Saltwater Film released in 2014.

Monti Sharp in 24 TV Series released in 2001.

Brandon Slagle in Grey's Anatomy TV Series released in 2005.

Hal (I) Smith in 18 Again! Film released in 1988.

Barry Sonnenfeld in RV Film released in 2006.

Bob (I) Steele in Decision at Sundown Film released in 1957.

Eric Stonestreet in Party of Five TV Series released in 1994.

Michael Twaine in My Man Is a Loser Film released in 2014.

Charles (I) Walker in Sisters TV Series released in 1991.

Ed Wheeler in The Good Guy Film released in 2009.

Irving Whitlow in Beyond the Lights Film released in 2014.

Morris Berenbaum in Act Your Age Film released in 2011.

Southey Blanton in Mississippi Damned Film released in 2009.

James Blendick in Crisis in Mid-air TV Film released in 1979.

Noah (I) Bremer in Irv de Toilette Film released in 2005.

Mark Burk in The Offering Film released in 2009.

P.J. Byrne in The Game TV Series released in 2006.

Tom (XII) Byrne in Camp Kickitoo Film released in 2012.

Phydime Bysshe in Spice It Up Film released in 2015.

Bill (I) Cameron in Street Corner Justice Film released in 1996.

Donald (I) Campbell in Falcone TV Series released in 2000.

John Candy in Cool Runnings Film released in 1993.

Tom (I) Carey in Parting Gifts Film released in 2002.

Blake (I) Clark in I'm Reed Fish Film released in 2006.

Greg Cromer in Beverly Hills, 90210 TV Series released in 1990.

Joe D'Angerio in Hill Street Blues TV Series released in 1981.

IRV DA Phenom in The Grow Up Film released in 2014.

Irving (II) Diaz in The Wronged One TV Series released in 2010.

Richard (I) Dillard in The Last Stand Film released in 2013.

Richard Dreyfuss in My Life in Ruins Film released in 2009.

Michael (I) DuMouchel in Magic City TV Series released in 2012.

Peter (I) Falk in Next Film released in 2007.

Herbie Faye in Accidental Family TV Series released in 1967.

Darren (I) Ferguson in The Summer of 69 Film released in 2009.

Leo (I) Fitzpatrick in Some Guy Who Kills People Film released in 2011.

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Who played Irv Which actors played the role of Irv.

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