Who played the role of J.R. | Which actor played J.R.

The character of J.R. is played by Camila Griggs in Bar Girls Film released in 1994.

Gary (I) Allen in The Life and Assassination of the Kingfish TV Film released in 1977.

Francis Girod in Mensonge Film released in 1993.

Andre Groom in Just Life TV Series released in 2014.

Christopher Guckenberger in Goodbye Promise Film released in 2012.

Trent Haaga in Stay at Home Dad Film released in 2012.

Caleel Harris in Herd Mentality TV Film released in 2011.

James Ted Harvey in Straight from the Still Film released in 2013.

Jeff (I) Hersh in The Sin Bin TV Series released in 2011.

Cardell Jackson in Is It Me? TV Series released in 2010.

Agim Kaba in Haunted Forest Film released in 2007.

Harvey Keitel in I Call First Film released in 1967.

John Kobasic in ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction Film released in 2009.

Ted Marcoux in Dark Blue Film released in 2002.

Richard McMurray in Raging Bull Film released in 1980.

Alan McRae in Dallas TV Series released in 1978.

J.R. (I) Miller in The Red Hand Gang TV Series released in 1977.

Ashley (I) Moore in Dallas Schoolgirls Film released in 1981.

Jemuel Morris in '...I Think You Went a Little Far with the Herpes Thing...' Film released in 2009.

Laurie (I) Murdoch in I Am My Father Film released in 2001.

Hemmer Pascal in Hate the Game Video released in 2004.

Collin (I) Pelton in Women on Death Row 2 TV Film released in 2007.

Nathan (I) Perkins in Lewis & Clark & George Film released in 1997.

Frank Perozo in Operaci�n Patak�n Film released in 2007.

John Richard Petersen in Laguna Cafe TV Series released in 2000.

Robert (I) Priester in Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Wojas Smart Story TV Film released in 1991.

Marty Rackham in Raven TV Series released in 1992.

Noel Rayos in Santa santita Film released in 2004.

Jesse (I) Reid in Under One Roof TV Series released in 2008.

Jay Renshaw in The Hall Monitors Film released in 2015.

Manwell Reyes in Restored Me Film released in 2015.

Bryan Rohrenbacher in Cowboy Chinaman Film released in 2008.

Gary (II) Schneider in Repossessing Kaufman Film released in 2005.

Jay R. Smith in Good Cheer Film released in 1926.

Travis Sumner in Dying World TV Film released in 2007.

Justin (I) Syder in Debbie Loves Dallas Video released in 2007.

Alan Thicke in Childstar Film released in 2004.

J.R. Tsidjo in Un ange Film released in 2001.

Trinidad Valdez in Seeing Red Film released in 2011.

Jordan (II) Warren in Session One Film released in 2014.

Michael (I) Welch in Chasing Eagle Rock Film released in 2015.

Colin (I) Bennett in Turn on to T-Bag TV Series released in 1988.

Jean (I) Benoit in Cerrrrmack Film released in 2010.

Sean Michael Boozer in True Colors Film released in 2014.

Joseph Neal Buckley in Imbroglio Film released in 2013.

Adam (II) Burch in Tickets R Us TV Series released in 2011.

J.R. Cacia in Buddy Faro TV Series released in 1998.

Jonathan (I) Camp in The Program TV Film released in 2011.

Chip Campbell in Driven to Kill Film released in 1991.

Tyler Catton in Night Terrors Film released in 2012.

Ash Christian in Cleaners TV Series released in 2013.

Matt (II) Christiansen in Calling Film released in 2013.

Greg Cipes in All Grown Up TV Series released in 2003.

Jesse Robert Counelis in Angel's Other Song: Free Will Film released in 2014.

Gavin Crawford in 24 Hour Rental TV Series released in 2014.

Pepe Da Rosa in J.R. contraataca Film released in 1983.

Pepe Da Rosa in Le llamaban J.R. Film released in 1982.

Dagul in Utang ng ama Film released in 2003.

Michael (XIX) Dempsey in Speed Date Film released in 2013.

Andrew Dinwiddie in Moon Pie Film released in 2011.

Simon Eine in Les interminables TV Film released in 2007.

Michael Ensign in Down with Love Film released in 2003.

Jim-Ryan Farra in The International Language Video released in 2015.

Brett Flynn in The Russian Redneck TV Series released in 2007.

J.R. (I) Fondessy in Unfolded Film released in 2015.

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