Who played the role of Jenny\'s Father | Which actor played Jenny\'s Father

The character of Jenny\'s Father is played by George American Horse in A Different Drum Film released in 1974.

Bill Gillane in Christmas Oranges Film released in 2012.

Nickolas Grace in Dream Demon Film released in 1988.

Francis J. Grandon in Swords and Hearts Film released in 1911.

Peter (I) Gwynne in Remember Me TV Film released in 1985.

Ron Jeremy in Les vampyres Film released in 2000.

Joe Komarinski in Law & Order: Los Angeles TV Series released in 2010.

Jan-Erik Lindqvist in Ansikte mot ansikte Film released in 1976.

Kevin (I) Mangan in Forrest Gump Film released in 1994.

Devin (I) McKinney in Red Riding Hood Film released in 2003.

Jeff (I) Michalski in Bad Attitudes TV Film released in 1991.

Dionysis Papagiannopoulos in Gia ena tagari dollaria Film released in 1969.

Gene (I) Roth in Wagon Train TV Series released in 1957.

T. Siva in Jeeva Film released in 2014.

Kenneth Tsang in Di yi jian Film released in 1989.

Jules (I) Brown in Let's Be Evil Film released in 2015.

Tony Carreon in Beerhouse Film released in 1977.

Christopher (V) Cheng in Wagas TV Series released in 2013.

Nick Cogley in Passions, He Had Three Film released in 1913.

Yue (I) Ding in Qiu ai gan si dui Film released in 1988.

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Who played Jenny\'s Father Which actors played the role of Jenny\'s Father.

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