Who played the role of Jeremy\'s Father | Which actor played Jeremy\'s Father

The character of Jeremy\'s Father is played by John (III) Andrews in Water Rats TV Series released in 1996.

Andrzej Galla in Piotrek Trzynastego Film released in 2010.

Jean-Yves Gautier in Red Shoe Diaries TV Series released in 1992.

James (XI) Hudson in Making Poison Film released in 2007.

Paul (II) Locke in Someday Everyday Film released in 2013.

William Bakewell in Call Her Mom TV Film released in 1972.

Brian (XVI) Patterson in Krampus: The Christmas Devil Film released in 2013.

Kelly (I) Rhodes in Still Life Film released in 2009.

Louis Yuen in Crush Film released in 2009.

Chris (I) Bohn in Jeremy Film released in 1973.

Adrian Formosa in Supernatural TV Series released in 2005.

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Who played Jeremy\'s Father Which actors played the role of Jeremy\'s Father.

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