Who played the role of Jimmy The Bartender | Which actor played Jimmy The Bartender

The character of Jimmy The Bartender is played by Richard (XXV) Adams in The Tea Man Film released in 2010.

Steve Armato in Ball Boy Film released in 2014.

Tony Galtieri in Schism Film released in 2008.

Eddie Guillaume in The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom TV Film released in 2014.

Jimmy Keebs in Bloodshed Love Film released in 2011.

Jimmy (II) Lange in The House That Jack Built Film released in 2009.

Scott (II) Lehman in The Church Film released in 2015.

Adam (I) Lieberman in Suddenly Susan TV Series released in 1996.

Hayes MacArthur in Are We Done Yet? Film released in 2007.

Chuck Manus in Lose Yourself Video released in 2012.

Chuck Manus in My Trip Back to the Dark Side Film released in 2014.

Mordecai E. Mose in Overdose: Death of a Punk Rocker Film released in 2015.

Al Asarnov in The Drunken Dead Guy Video released in 2005.

Sam Ayers in Justified TV Series released in 2010.

Jimmy (I) Thomas in Glorious Mail Film released in 2005.

Michael Shamus Wiles in NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service TV Series released in 2003.

Kyle Yaschuk in Whiskey Jacks Film released in 2005.

George DeVore in Corruption.Gov Film released in 2010.

Jimmy Dinh in The Cynical Life of Harper Hall TV Series released in 2011.

Vernon Dudas in White Palace Film released in 1990.

Jim (II) Ferguson in The Virginian TV Series released in 1962.

Logan Field in The Returning Film released in 1983.

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Who played Jimmy The Bartender Which actors played the role of Jimmy The Bartender.

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