Who played the role of John Douglas | Which actor played John Douglas

The character of John Douglas is played by Jester Hairston in The Virginian TV Series released in 1962.

John (I) Halliday in The Cure of John Douglas Film released in 1911.

Bjorn Jiskoot Jr. in Blue Curtain Film released in 2010.

Stephen O'Mahoney in The Bold and the Beautiful TV Series released in 1987.

Leslie Perrins in The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes Film released in 1935.

Michael Petrone in Chimera Film released in 0.

Harry A. Pollard in The Quest Film released in 1915.

Anthony Quayle in The Testament of John TV Film released in 1984.

E.J. Ratcliffe in No Control Film released in 1927.

Richie Ring in The Boys of H Company TV Film released in 2004.

Gordon Sackville in The Law That Divides Film released in 1918.

James (I) Simmons in The Gentle Touch TV Series released in 1980.

Phillips Smalley in The Aviator Film released in 1929.

Vaughn (I) Taylor in Letter to Loretta TV Series released in 1953.

Robert Urquhart in This Man Craig TV Series released in 1966.

Scott (I) Wilkinson in Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBen�t and the City of Boulder TV Film released in 2000.

Paul (I) Young in An Angel Passes By TV Film released in 1997.

Chuck Binns in Milltown Pride Film released in 2011.

Paul Birtwistle in A Plateful of Tony Film released in 2013.

Andrea Bosic in Sherlock Holmes TV Series released in 1968.

Roger Aaron Brown in Elementary TV Series released in 2012.

Ronald (I) Colman in His Supreme Moment Film released in 1925.

Kyle (III) Curtis in The Execution of Julie Ann Mabry Film released in 2009.

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Who played John Douglas Which actors played the role of John Douglas.

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