Who played the role of Jonnie | Which actor played Jonnie

The character of Jonnie is played by Jonnie Dearenzo in Straight Out of Compton Film released in 1999.

Yvonne Ducksworth in Trouble TV Film released in 1993.

Richard Gleason in The Last Day Film released in 2013.

Kristian Hilton in Wasteland Film released in 2010.

Charlie (XIV) Johnson in After the Break Film released in 0.

Franklin Dennis Jones in Trucker Film released in 2008.

Brandon Bass in Game of Life Film released in 2007.

Terence Rhodes in Millions Like Us Film released in 1943.

Joe (VIII) Riley in Essex Boys Retribution Film released in 2013.

Adam (VIII) Ryan in Krish and Lee Film released in 2015.

Skyler Seymour in Hidden Valley the Awakening Film released in 2015.

Sylvester Stallone in Farewell, My Lovely Film released in 1975.

Sven Str�mersten-Holm in Sommarflickan TV Series released in 1976.

Jaco Swanepoel in Spoon Film released in 2011.

Jon (I) Upton in Queso Diablo Film released in 2014.

Jon (I) Upton in Say Cheese Film released in 2014.

John Boccia in Blind Dating Film released in 2006.

Francis (I) Charles in In einem Garten in Aviamo TV Film released in 1964.

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Who played Jonnie Which actors played the role of Jonnie.

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