Who played the role of Kasim | Which actor played Kasim

The character of Kasim is played by Abdi Alg�l in Alev Film released in 1977.

Babu Antony in Again Kasarkode Khaderbai Film released in 2010.

Thomas (I) Gomez in Shirley Temple's Storybook TV Series released in 1958.

Jean-Bernard Guillard in La chouette aveugle Film released in 1987.

Hayati Hamzaoglu in Tepedeki ev Film released in 1976.

Billy E. Jones in Wishbone TV Series released in 1995.

Eser Karabil in Karag�l TV Series released in 2013.

Seyfettin Karadayi in Elveda derken TV Series released in 2007.

Brian Kubach in Johnny Danger Film released in 2014.

Profulla Kumar in Shiraz Film released in 1929.

Rad Lazar in Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness TV Series released in 2003.

Christopher (I) Maher in Hill Street Blues TV Series released in 1981.

Anil Mange in Raees Film released in 2016.

Ferdy Mayne in Hart to Hart TV Series released in 1979.

Hristo Mitzkov in Crystal Skulls TV Film released in 2014.

Balan K. Nair in Thirakil Alppam Samayam Film released in 1984.

Kothuku Nanappan in John Jaffer Janardhanan Film released in 1982.

Sherko Nasradin in Shewi Hisab Film released in 2011.

Kottayam Nazir in Udayapuram Sulthan Film released in 1999.

Faraz Ayub in Honour Film released in 2014.

Khan Ataur Rehman in Jago Hua Savera Film released in 1959.

Andy Serkis in Arabian Nights TV Film released in 2000.

Peter Settgast in Saids Schicksale TV Film released in 1969.

Sadegh Shabaviz in Projekt Aqua TV Film released in 1969.

Siddique (II) in Mylanchi Monjulla Veedu Film released in 2014.

Sandeep Srivastava in Rajdhani Awadh Film released in 2015.

Muhammet Temizkan in Dar Ghorbat Film released in 1975.

Michael Tezcan in Hands of a Murderer TV Film released in 1990.

Nezih Tuncay in Deliha Film released in 2014.

Nebojsa Veljovic in Summer TV Film released in 2012.

Niyazi Yildiz in De lege cel TV Film released in 1986.

Kayhan Yildizoglu in Ali Baba ve kirk haramiler Film released in 1971.

Murat (I) Yilmaz in Abschnitt 40 TV Series released in 2001.

Zeshan Bhatti in From the Ashes Film released in 2011.

Haluk Bilginer in �anakkale �ocuklari Film released in 2012.

Ken (III) Birk in Seconds from Disaster TV Series released in 2004.

Hasan Ceylan in Ak altin Film released in 1957.

Chalapathi Rao in Sri Sitaramula Kalyanam Chutamu Rarandi Film released in 1998.

Emrah El�iboga in Esir Sultan TV Series released in 2012.

Sadettin Erbil in Tepedeki ev Film released in 1976.

Robert (II) Evans in Kismet Film released in 1920.

Chinthaka Fernando in Vara: A Blessing Film released in 2013.

Macit Flordun in Sipsevdi TV Series released in 1977.

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Who played Kasim Which actors played the role of Kasim.

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