Who played the role of Lancelot | Which actor played Lancelot

The character of Lancelot is played by Aleksandr Abdulov in Ubit drakona Film released in 1989.

Robert Amico in Posers Film released in 2001.

Richard Gere in First Knight Film released in 1995.

Hubert Godon in Le marchand de Venise TV Film released in 1980.

Danny (II) Green in Spanish Fly Film released in 1998.

Mark (I) Griffin in Dragons of Camelot Film released in 2014.

Ioan Gruffudd in King Arthur Film released in 2004.

Ioan Gruffudd in Starz Special: On the Set of 'King Arthur' TV Film released in 2004.

J�nos G�lv�lgyi in S�rk�ny �s papucs Film released in 1990.

John Krasinski in Shrek the Third Film released in 2007.

Harry Liebauer in Jack und Jenny Film released in 1963.

Denis Llorca in Les chevaliers de la table ronde Film released in 1990.

Mark Lockyer in The Ugly Duckling Film released in 1997.

Serge Maggiani in Ginevra Film released in 1992.

�mile Mailhiot in Macaroni tout garni TV Series released in 1998.

L�onard Matton in Toutes les femmes sont brunes Film released in 2012.

Jean-Baptiste Maunier in Merlin TV Series released in 2012.

Geoff (I) McBride in TekWar: TekLab TV Film released in 1994.

Pertti Melasniemi in Lohik��rme TV Film released in 1977.

Fabian Moreno in Robin Frut Video released in 2014.

George (I) Morgan in The Merchant of Venice Film released in 1916.

�lie Lucas Moussoko in Le secret de l'enfant-fourmi Film released in 2011.

Giuseppe Oristanio in Col�gio Brasil TV Series released in 1996.

Paul Panzer in Launcelot and Elaine Film released in 1909.

Adrian (I) Paul in Merlin: The Return Film released in 2000.

Kalyan Ray-Mazumder in Bright College Years Film released in 2010.

George Reno in Xcalibur 3 Video released in 2007.

David (I) Robb in The Legend of King Arthur TV Series released in 1979.

Michel Robidoux in Oc�ane Video released in 2005.

David (I) Rowlands in Sir Yellow TV Series released in 1973.

Jeremy Sheffield in Merlin TV Series released in 1998.

Frank Straka in Perceval Film released in 2007.

Robert (I) Taylor in Knights of the Round Table Film released in 1953.

Hermann Thimig in Die Puppe Film released in 1919.

Todd Tracy in The Knight of Quixote Film released in 2014.

Guilherme Trajano in S�tio do Pica-Pau Amarelo TV Series released in 2001.

Charles Vanel in Au nom de la loi Film released in 1932.

Michael Vartan in The Mists of Avalon TV Film released in 2001.

Sinqua Walls in Once Upon a Time TV Series released in 2011.

Paul (II) Wesley in Young Arthur TV Film released in 2002.

Otto Willhelm in Die heiratsf�hige Puppe Film released in 1925.

Noah Wyle in Guinevere TV Film released in 1994.

Santiago Cabrera in Merlin TV Series released in 2008.

Rivers Cadet in Ils �taient cinq permissionnaires Film released in 1945.

Nicholas (I) Clay in Excalibur Film released in 1981.

Florian Colas in La frange des filles Film released in 2014.

Thomas Cousseau in Dies irae Film released in 2003.

J�r�mie Covillault in P.J. TV Series released in 1997.

Jack Davenport in Kingsman: The Secret Service Film released in 2014.

Grisha Dimant in Cybill TV Series released in 1995.

Rory Duffy in Mysteries at the Castle TV Series released in 2014.

Rupert Everett in Arthur the King TV Film released in 1985.

G�rard Falconetti in Lancelot du lac TV Film released in 1970.

Casson Ferguson in Merely Mary Ann Film released in 1920.

Serge Feuillard in The Saint: The Big Bang TV Film released in 1989.

Greg (V) Field in Tales of Albion Film released in 2014.

Pierre Franckh in Merlin TV Series released in 1980.

Paul Frechou in Tu honoreras ta m�re et ta m�re Film released in 2012.

V�ctor (I) Fuentes in Estudio 1 TV Series released in 1965.

Keiji Fujiwara in Romio x Jurietto TV Series released in 2007.

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