Who played the role of Leary | Which actor played Leary

The character of Leary is played by Dafna Melzer in Alex Pros and Cons TV Series released in 2009.

Murphy Guyer in The Mercy Man Film released in 2009.

James (I) Inch in Romance Film released in 2013.

Patrick (I) Jordan in Buccaneer TV Series released in 1980.

Charles Le Moyne in Desert Driven Film released in 1923.

Michael (II) Luciano in Who Do I Gotta Kill? Film released in 1994.

Ted Mapes in Night Passage Film released in 1957.

Frank Maraden in Standing Room Only TV Series released in 1976.

Chris (I) Mulkey in Message from the King Film released in 2016.

Phil (I) Atkinson in Ruth Rendell Mysteries TV Series released in 1987.

Larry Attile in Prime Time Film released in 1997.

Willard E. Pugh in Family Law TV Series released in 1999.

Dick Reineke in Orion's Key Film released in 1996.

Craig Rose in Drifter Film released in 2016.

Rick Rossovich in Navy Seals Film released in 1990.

Joe Sabatino in Bermuda Tentacles TV Film released in 2014.

Donald Sumpter in ITV Saturday Night Theatre TV Series released in 1969.

Arthur Tavares in Germatic Love Film released in 1916.

Paul Timoney in Waiting Room Film released in 2002.

Rod Browning in The Streets of San Francisco TV Series released in 1972.

Larry Joe Campbell in Piranhas TV Film released in 2010.

William A. Carroll in Molly Entangled Film released in 1917.

Ted Cassidy in Harry and Walter Go to New York Film released in 1976.

Martin (I) Cichy in Code of the West Film released in 1929.

Patrick (XII) Connolly in Inferno Film released in 2012.

Billy Cornelius in Sherlock Holmes TV Series released in 1964.

Costa Filipatos in Satisfaction TV Series released in 2007.

Joe (I) Flood in The Blue Yonder TV Film released in 1985.

Derek Flores in Texas Rangers Film released in 2001.

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Who played Leary Which actors played the role of Leary.

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