Who played the role of Locke | Which actor played Locke

The character of Locke is played by Sara Bakay in Dragoon Film released in 0.

Tony Abatemarco in Sleeping with the Enemy Film released in 1991.

Frank Giering in Liebe deine N�chste! Film released in 1998.

Donald Harron in Espionage TV Series released in 1963.

Myron Healey in The Outcasts TV Series released in 1968.

Robert Horwell in London's Burning TV Series released in 1988.

Christopher Houldsworth in Split Second Film released in 2014.

Georges Hubert in Au th��tre ce soir TV Series released in 1966.

Wes Hudman in Jungle Jim TV Series released in 1955.

Paul (I) Humphrey in Captain Power: The Beginning TV Film released in 1989.

Paul (I) Humphrey in Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future TV Series released in 1987.

Sean Huze in Pain Film released in 2014.

Jack (I) Lambert in Gunsmoke TV Series released in 1955.

Dan (V) Morgan in Totally Doctor Who TV Series released in 2006.

Vic Morrow in The Brothers Brannagan TV Series released in 1960.

Keiichi Nanba in Ch�jin Locke Film released in 1984.

Christopher (III) Neame in No Blade of Grass Film released in 1970.

Joachim Paul Assb�ck in Rosa Roth TV Series released in 1994.

Vincent (I) Ball in BBC Sunday-Night Theatre TV Series released in 1950.

Vincent Beck in The Immortal TV Series released in 1969.

Ross O'Hennessy in The Bastard Executioner TV Series released in 2015.

Chadrick O'Maelmona in Lost in Heaven... Film released in 2011.

Mark (I) Oliver in Slugterra TV Series released in 2012.

Randy (I) Reyes in Solo Film released in 1996.

Ian (V) Ross in Polarity Film released in 2012.

Russ (I) Russo in Light Film released in 2007.

Thomas (I) Ryden in The Firing Squad Film released in 2010.

Doug (XXX) Smith in The Whole Truth Film released in 2013.

Robert Sorrells in The Bad News Bears Go to Japan Film released in 1978.

Rob (I) Steinberg in Staying on Top Video released in 2002.

Ken'ichi Suzumura in Chojin Locke: Mirror Ring Video released in 2000.

Noah (I) Taylor in Game of Thrones TV Series released in 2011.

Christof Wackernagel in SOKO K�ln TV Series released in 2003.

Murray Westgate in The Great Detective TV Series released in 1977.

Russell (III) Wong in 21 Jump Street TV Series released in 1987.

John (I) Wood in Plays of Today TV Series released in 1969.

Jeff (I) Bennett in Pinky and the Brain TV Series released in 1995.

Daniel Zillmann in Achterbahn TV Series released in 1992.

Aidan Bristow in Slick Film released in 2009.

J�rgen Buckh�j in Bulen TV Film released in 1973.

Frank Casali in Ein Fall f�r zwei TV Series released in 1981.

Mike Colter in Halo: Nightfall TV Series released in 2014.

Philip Coolidge in The Alfred Hitchcock Hour TV Series released in 1962.

Peter Coren in Blind Luck Film released in 2011.

Martin Cort in Second Time Around: The Troughton Years Video released in 2012.

Martin Cort in Doctor Who TV Series released in 1963.

Bill Croft in The Karate Dog TV Film released in 2005.

Tim De Zarn in The Last 10 Seconds of Lost TV Series released in 2010.

Sidney Drmay in UnLocke'd Film released in 2014.

Brian (I) Drolet in Immortal Island Film released in 2011.

Edward (I) Earle in Ride the Pink Horse Film released in 1947.

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Who played Locke Which actors played the role of Locke.

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