Who played the role of Long John | Which actor played Long John

The character of Long John is played by Scott (I) Glenn in Angels Hard as They Come Film released in 1971.

Huntz Hall in Cyclone Film released in 1987.

John (I) Holmes in Long John Film released in 1971.

John (I) Holmes in Scandal in the Mansion Film released in 1985.

Paul (XII) Howard in A Secret Handshake Video released in 2007.

Brent Huff in Oblivion 2: Backlash Film released in 1996.

James (II) Hyland in Long John Film released in 2006.

Stevie Long in Sons of Anarchy TV Series released in 2008.

Ed (I) McNamara in Seeing Things TV Series released in 1981.

Zack Beins in Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead Film released in 2006.

Fess (I) Parker in Take Me to Town Film released in 1953.

Lon Poff in The Man Who Dared Film released in 1920.

Steve (I) Randall in Sixpack Annie Film released in 1975.

Max Rhyser in A Four Letter Word Film released in 2007.

Max Rhyser in Violet Tendencies Film released in 2010.

Jim Stafford in Any Which Way You Can Film released in 1980.

Duane Whitaker in Vice Academy Part 2 Film released in 1990.

Guy Wilkerson in Vengeance of the West Film released in 1942.

Lonny Chapman in The Witch Who Came from the Sea Film released in 1976.

Phillip Connery in Hard Bounty Film released in 1995.

John DeSilva in Makeover Mamas TV Series released in 2003.

Brandon Dion in Blood Sun Town Film released in 2013.

Fritz Dominique in Extralarge: Cannonball TV Film released in 1992.

Adrien Dorval in Night Man TV Series released in 1997.

Kody (II) Fields in Under the Law Film released in 2016.

Aaron Frazier in The Shield TV Series released in 2002.

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Who played Long John Which actors played the role of Long John.

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