Who played the role of Lory | Which actor played Lory

The character of Lory is played by Angel (I) Aquino in Wansapanataym TV Series released in 2010.

Lucy Lummis in Los m�nagers Film released in 2006.

Alessia Merz in Ragazzi della notte Film released in 1995.

Jewel Mische in Maalaala mo kaya TV Series released in 1991.

Raquel Montesa in Bakit bughaw ang langit? Film released in 1981.

Angela (I) Morgan in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Film released in 1972.

Lory Patrick in The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet TV Series released in 1952.

Yassi Pressman in Diary ng panget Film released in 2014.

Eva (I) Russo in Soft Air Film released in 1997.

Sarah (LXXV) Smith in Popeye the Pizza Man Film released in 2015.

Cinzia Berni in Acapulco, prima spiaggia... a sinistra Film released in 1983.

Barbora Bobulova in La bellezza del somaro Film released in 2010.

Maurizia Cacciatori in I soliti idioti: Il film Film released in 2011.

Loredana De Nardis in Matrimonio alle Bahamas Film released in 2007.

Cristiana Di Silvestro in Carne Morta Video released in 2002.

Emily Eldredge in Empty Calories Film released in 2011.

Elayne Heilveil in All Night Radio TV Film released in 1982.

Sayuri Ikemoto in Maple Town monogatari TV Series released in 1986.

Randi Ingerman in Torno a vivere da solo Film released in 2008.

Jos� Luis (I) G�mez in Der R�ckfall TV Film released in 1969.

Carlo Storchi in 12 12 12 Film released in 2014.

Geoffrey (I) Dunn in Alice in Wonderland TV Film released in 1966.

Trader Faulkner in Stage by Stage: The Relapse or, Virtue in Danger TV Film released in 1954.

Stewart Finlay-McLennan in Spoiler Film released in 1998.

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Who played Lory Which actors played the role of Lory.

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