Who played the role of Lukey | Which actor played Lukey

The character of Lukey is played by Althea Gibson in The Horse Soldiers Film released in 1959.

Mark Jenkin in Golden Burn Film released in 2002.

Luke Massy in Jimmy Bones Film released in 2003.

Robert (I) Newton in Odd Man Out Film released in 1947.

Frederick Piper in The Rainbow Jacket Film released in 1954.

James (V) Pratt in Crime Plays Film released in 2013.

Kelvin Sparks in The Try-Out Film released in 2011.

David Tibbetts in The Secret of Lost Creek TV Series released in 1992.

Peter (I) Bennett in Probation Officer TV Series released in 1959.

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Who played Lukey Which actors played the role of Lukey.

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