Who played the role of Mago | Which actor played Mago

The character of Mago is played by Irina Areu in Mujer de madera TV Series released in 2004.

Beatriz (I) Moreno in Secretos de familia Film released in 2009.

Flora Fern�ndez in La rosa de Guadalupe TV Series released in 2008.

Araceli (I) Gonzalez in Mago Film released in 2010.

Daniel Acu�a in Zurdo Film released in 2003.

Ulises Aquino in Boccaccer�as Habaneras Film released in 2014.

Marco Guayba in Enquanto Fa�o as Unhas Film released in 2010.

Manuel Guiti�n in Zampo y yo Film released in 1966.

Mido Hamada in Hannibal TV Film released in 2006.

Julio Hinojosa in Kdabra TV Series released in 2009.

Ricardo L�pez Ivars in Magos y Conjuros Film released in 2015.

Pathan Zahid Khan in La pivellina Film released in 2009.

El Mago Krotani in Duro pero seguro Film released in 1978.

Tom�s Lizzio in La segunda muerte Film released in 2012.

Pacun Lopez in La ReBusqueda Film released in 2014.

Juan Jos� Bar�n in Amar en tiempos revueltos TV Series released in 2005.

Pablo (I) Olewski in Magos y Conjuros Film released in 2015.

Didier Otaola in Oleuba Film released in 2015.

Omar (I) Pastor in El show de flemas Film released in 2006.

Xavier (I) Rafael in The Children of Hip Hop Film released in 2012.

Fabrizio Sabatucci in Ganja Fiction Film released in 2013.

Oliverio Satisfecho in El �ltimo pelda�o Film released in 2004.

Jos� Sazatornil in Al fin solos Film released in 1955.

Enrique (II) Sim�n in �Ala... Dina! TV Series released in 2000.

Miguel �ngel (I) Sol� in H�blame bajito Film released in 2006.

Jose Luis Sustaita in Modelos a la francesa Video released in 1996.

Aristides Teixeira in Era Uma Vez... TV Series released in 1997.

Jos� Troncoso in Tierra de lobos TV Series released in 2010.

Giancarlo Vidrio in Bajo el mismo cielo TV Series released in 2015.

El Mago Yeo in Santo contra el asesino de la T.V. Film released in 1981.

Guillermo Bravo Sosa in C�micos de la Legua Film released in 1957.

Mirko Callaci in P�jaros de papel Film released in 2010.

Nicola Cialdella in Fatum Film released in 2011.

Ugo (I) Conti in Distretto di polizia TV Series released in 2000.

Cristian Crishan in Hospital el paisa TV Series released in 2004.

Neil De Albuquerque in Metropolis - Die Macht der St�dte TV Series released in 2003.

Bernardo de las Heras in Drag�n Rapide Film released in 1986.

Lorenzo de Rodas in Algunas nubes Film released in 1995.

Alejo del Peral in La cuarta ventana Film released in 1963.

William Demarest in Jupiter's Darling Film released in 1955.

Ivailo (I) Dimitrov in Making of Game of Thrones Video released in 2011.

Juli�n (I) D�az in 1000 pesos colombianos Film released in 2005.

Mirko Ellis in Annibale Film released in 1959.

Ramon Enrich in A la vida, a l'amor TV Film released in 1998.

�lvaro Exp�sito in El disfraz del cielo Film released in 2011.

David (VI) Fern�ndez in A�da TV Series released in 2005.

Ra�l Fraire in Tiempo de silencio Film released in 1986.

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Who played Mago Which actors played the role of Mago.

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